Aadu 2

When compared to the first part, this second outing of Shaji Pappan and gang is much better. The main error with Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeeviyanu was that it was an overdone nonsense comedy. But with the new one titled Aadu 2, Midhun Manuel Thomas manages to control his jokes to an extent, making it a passable comedy with some memorable comedy set pieces.

After the events that happened in the first film, Pappan and gang are living their usual life with all the miseries and occasional relief of winning tug of war competitions. Instead of the Neela Koduveli, this time we have a new thing (let it be your surprise). Much like the earlier film, Pappan and gang who had nothing to do with it gets dragged into it and the film showcases the hilarious turn of events.

Nonsensical comedy is the genre of the film and there is no point in complaining that it doesn’t make any sense. The first part was also like that and it was the overdoing part that made it a painful viewing experience (I saw the first day first show version). What is good about Aadu 2 is that it has more memorable moments than the first part which depended too much on characters. The interrogation scene in Ramayana costume was one main laughing riot sequence that one would easily recollect.

Midhun Manuel Thomas is strong in his witty writing. Aadu 2 is enjoyable mainly because of the dialogues which create laughter. The slapstick level physical stunt comedy isn’t really working here entirely. The Jeep challenge between Shameer and Xavier is one example for that. Script is somewhat the repetition of the first part with changes mainly happening due to the current political climate. Cinematography was fine and it was nice to see creative elements like the shadow play (fight between Pappan and mother) in a Midhun Manuel Thomas film. Cuts are a bit tidier. Production design looks weak. The existing tracks were good while the new ones don’t really make an impression.

Jayasurya uses his ability to manage wit and rage nicely to reprise the role. Vijay Babu is fine in his eccentric comic avatar as Sarbath Shameer. Saiju Kurup easily carries Arakkal Abu and my favourite among the lot was undeniably Dharmajan who’s counter dialogues were just hilarious. Vinayakan was equally fabulous while Sunny Wayne’s Saathan Xavier wasn’t keeping the same charm. The villains here are expressionless.

Aadu 2 is definitely much better than Aadu. If you are a fan of the first part because of the content, this one will surely excite you. I wasn’t a big fan of the first part and yet this one made me laugh a lot.

Rating: 3/5

Final Thoughts

f you are a fan of the first part because of the content, this one will surely excite you. I wasn't a big fan of the first part and yet this one made me laugh a lot.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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  1. When you review a movie, you write about it. Not what you like or not. It would be better to keep your opinions to yourself and focus on what the movie has to offer the audience. Otherwise you should go blogging.

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