The second half of the movie Aambala has a scene where the hero dressed as a police officer coming in his official vehicle. The police vehicle leaps over the head of people and completes circle drifting and all this time our hero is sitting on the bonnet of the car as if he is taking a sunbath. If you were able to understand the level of nonsense in this scene, that is my warning for you to escape from this disaster from Sundar C.

The story (nonsense) is revolving around the central protagonist Saravanan. He supplies people to political parties and other people when they are in need of human support (what Mamukkoya did in Kadha Thudarunnu). At one point in life he had to go and find his father whom he hasn’t seen in his life. After meeting his father he gets to know about the tragic things happened to his family and his father’s family. Saravanan’s attempts heal all the wound is what this movie talking about.

Aambala is probably the most offensive movie I have seen in the recent times. It not only insults our brain but also insults the females in a very barbaric way. Almost all the love themes in the movie just focus on the lust part and there is this scene with Kiran and Santhanam which looked horrendous on screen. Nothing is there to be taken as a positive in this sick joke filled film that bizarrely tries to create stupid heroics.

Vishal is okay as the preaching hero whose acrobatics is superhuman. From what I already said, I hope you can understand why Hansika and her character were in the movie. Santhanam as always gives some space to laugh. Prabhu has done his small role nicely. Remya Krishnan, Kiran, Madhurima and some more actresses are in the film who I believe where used as hot properties. Pradeep Rawat is the usual villain. Vaibhav and Sathish’s characters helps Sundar C to make things more spicy by giving them two heroines.

Making of the movie is utter crap with overdone heroism. Screenplay also is cluttered with irrelevant comedies of tedious length to give you a headache. Some of the coincidences happening in the movie will leave you speechless. Cinematography looks good only in songs. Hip-hop Tamizha will help you in understanding the difference between a DJ and a music director.

Technically and content wise Aambala is an extremely shoddy film which fails miserably to understand the audience. The rating for this crap is 1/5. Stay away.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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