Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter directed by Timur Bekmambetov is a movie that tries to add fiction to some existing facts but fails to impress the audience with a script that follows the normal twists and turns. Apart from the occasional visual effects extravaganza there isn’t much there in this movie that could make this movie a memorable one.

The movie is about the untold history of the legendary American president Abraham Lincoln and his fight against vampires in his young ages. The fight against vampires starts as a revenge against his mothers killer. But after knowing his weakness, he goes to Henry Sturgess who rescues him from vampire attack. Together with training and strategy they plan for a total hunt on Vampires. But somewhere in the journey when Lincoln gets a chance to finish off his mothers killer and he realizes a truth behind Henry. This prompts him to step into the more global way of creating a nation, Politics. Even though he succeeds in building a nation, he struggles when the vampires start a war to grab their own land. How Lincoln helps the country is the soul of the movie.

There are some portions in the narrative which makes the audience why these could have been a bit earlier? And the mixing of fiction to fact wasn’t that great. The twists and turns are very much of the same type we are used to.

In the performance side, Benjamin Walker gives us a shy Lincoln. The aggressive attitude we expect from Lincoln wasn’t there. Henry played by Dominic Cooper was an impressive one. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the role of Lincoln’s wife in a good manner.
Technically the direction is above average, but the script is quite an average one. It never really drags, but it never accelerates. And also as I said earlier, felt some loopholes here n there.  The cinematography and visual effects are very good. But at times the visual effects were a little out of sync in terms of quality. Makeup department deserves a mention.
Overall Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is an average one time watch. Don’t expect any sort of social commitment because of its title protagonist. This is a pure fiction one with lack of conviction. I am giving 2.5/5 for this experiment.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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