Adventures of Omanakuttan

After watching Adventures of Omanakuttan, I had this feeling that the content would have worked very effectively if it was a digital series. There is a mystery behind Omanakuttan and his character which is revealed through many characters that come in to his life. But the problem is that the film takes an exhausting time (almost 3 hours inside the cinema hall) to narrate this concept.

Omanakuttan is this shy guy who is always hesitant to do things and gets rejected by most people. One fine day he decides to tackle this issue by being an extreme flirt. In the midst of this an accident takes away his memory and that leaves him in a situation where he is stuck with a girl named Pallavi. The film is basically about the adventurous journey of Omanakuttan and Pallavi in search of real Omanakuttan.

The elaborate nature of the movie is the main issue here. If you go through the entire film, a lot is happening and the package needed a little more tightening. Whenever you get a sense that the story is getting a destination, the film drifts away to more confusions and twists. That’s why I said this would have worked greatly as a series. The entire first half is invested on explaining the character of Omanakuttan and director Rohith treats the film with the same pace of Omanakuttan. The second half is more agile and it looks like an unending series of untold back stories.

Asif Ali manoeuvres his character effectively from the depressed Omanakuttan to the more cheerful version of the character. Bhavana looks gorgeous and renders dialogues very naturally. Siddique is there as an important character and his character and portrayal reminded me of his own performance in Bicycle thieves. Kalabhavan Shajon was good. The cast has people like Aju Varghese, Srinda, Adithi Ravi, Saiju Kurup and a few more.

Rohith seems to be in love with every portion of the story he wrote. I am saying this because at the end of the film you will feel like some of the subplots could have been reduced or even removed. The character Pallavi stretches the movie way too far and looking at the developments happening after that phase, you will feel that the script should have been tighter. The character and truth behind Omanakuttan is still a confusing one. The frames were good. The edits had a nice rhythm in the first half but loses it in the second half. Music and background score were okay.

Because of its tiring length and unresolved mysteries I kind of felt Adventures of Omanakuttan as an average cinema. A trimmed version of Omanakuttan would have been more exciting.

Rating: 2.5/5

Final Thoughts

Because of its tiring length and unresolved mysteries I kind of felt Adventures of Omanakuttan as an average cinema.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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