Alex Pandian

In a time where even Mr Rajnikanth has chosen the role of a robot to showcase his larger than life action sequences; I am totally clueless what prompted an actor like Karthi to select such a pathetic script. Its a top to bottom nonsense movie from director Suraj. The first half of the movie is totally unwanted and the second half is literally the worst version of Transporter 2.

The film revolves around the title protagonist Alex Pandian who has a criminal backdrop. A US based NRI has assigned him to kidnap the CM’s daughter as the NRI wants to get an approval from the CM to sell a ship full of medicines all over Tamil Nadu. The events happening around this particular kidnapping is the basic story of this movie.

From scene 1, the movie tells the audience that they have ignored all the laws of Newton. Poorly executed non sense fights itself takes away all the mass masala feel from the movie. The totally useless character of Santhanam was the only thing that gave the audience something to cheer about. His typical comedy was good enough to make the audience laugh up to an extent. The pre interval fight sequence was tough competition between Karthi and Rajnikanth. Around 40 people firing at two unarmed persons who are jus twenty meters away and none of the bullets manages to hit them!!. In my view, that was the best comic scene of the film.

On screen, Karthi repeats his Siruthai style for Alex Pandian and the good thing is that the character demands it. Santhanam was indeed a relief. Anushka did her breezy role convincingly. Suman, Prathap Pothan and Milind Soman were all satisfying in their antagonist avatars. I wonder what prompted these talented actors to act in such an amateurish script.

Off screen, the movie is a total downer. The writing and direction of Suraj is way below average mark. His style is very much outdated and the packaging is quite boring. Screenplay also is quite predictable and the amount of added nonsense scenes in this 2 hour 45 minutes movie is really disturbing. Dialogs were quite cliché and occasionally there were some smart ones reserved for the central protagonist. Cinematography is average and the songs aren’t up to the normal DSP level. The inclusion of almost all the songs in the screenplay was wrong and some of them didn’t really make any sense. The fights were quite ordinary and the editor has tried his best to chop the poor execution.

I am giving a generous 1.5/5 for this utterly disappointing so called mass masala. Outdated making, childish storyline, amateurish script and poor technical support are the highlights of this one. All I can say to Karthik Sivakumar about his selection of script is that “You are a bad bad boy”.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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