All Is Well

I heard producer Ashvini Yardi claiming in one interview that while making the movie Oh My God, she forced director Umesh Shukla to add an item song featuring Sonakshi Sinha. Looking at the merit of the movie, I did feel that she was saying the truth. But after watching the pathetically written and executed All is Well from the same director, I kind of feel that it was Umesh Shukla’s decision to include that item song. A director who made a movie that made people to compare him with someone like Rajkumar Hirani, creates a stuff that degrades him to the league of Rohit Shetty and then further to that of Aneez Basmi.

Inder Bhalla, an aspiring struggling singer has to return to his hometown to settle the debts of his father, with who he is not having a good relationship. Coincidentally his lover Nimmi is along with him in this journey to India for her wedding (Inder doesn’t like Nimmi btw). How the financial situation of his family puts Inder in trouble and how he solves the problem along with some relationship patch ups is what All Is Well dealing with.

From the first scene itself a sense of mediocrity prevails in the screen. Abhishek doesn’t look like a singer at all and the desperate comedy and the love break up looks so plastic. Then the Rohit Shetty style comedy begins with cheesy nonsensical backdrops for everything. The Aneez Basmi phase is predominant in the second half of the movie that has too much of rubbish. I can’t really understand the nature of Nimmi’s parents and also her desperation to marry someone who never really cares about her. The shallowness in the father son relationship makes the movie sentimentally weak and the curious case of Supriya Pathak’s Alzheimer’s is still something I can’t really understand. Slapstick comedy made the performance of talented Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub look unimpressive on screen.

As I already said, Umesh Shukla makes his film look like a co directorial venture of those slapstick comedy film makers. Luckily the dialogues aren’t that non veg filled, but the screenplay has only the quality of an average television skit. The explanations given to most of the cruicial things in the movie were insufficient. Many irrelevant subplots were created to annoy us and that item number was an absolute twaddle. Music wasn’t that catchy and the placement of songs was bizarre. There is nothing much impressive about the cuts and visuals too. There is no continuity in the getup of the character played by Abhishek Bachchan.

Abhishek onscreen repeats the same style and doesn’t create an impression. Asin was okay as Nimmi. Rishi Kapoor has tried to give some energy to the pathetically written character of his. Supriya Pathak luckily escapes by being a spectator. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub should be more careful about choosing characters.

All is well is almost hell for the audience. The stupidity in content and mediocrity in making will bore you to death. Acknowledging a few moments of laughter and also for showing some mercy by making it a two hour long movie, the rating for All is well is 1.5/5.

Final Thoughts

All is well is almost hell for the audience. The stupidity in content and mediocrity in making will bore you to death.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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