Ironically, the climax of Anegan tells us its two major drawbacks. Karthik’s character describes the love affair as ridiculous and Dhanush’s character mocks the awkward English pronounced by Karthik. These were the two easily distinguishable flaws in Anegan from K V Anand which is an overload of fiction. Doing somewhat similar to what Kunal Kohli did with Teri Meri Kahani, Anegan is that rebirth fiction that fails because of its exaggerated packaging and untidy execution. Just like all his other movies, K V Anand has tried to tell us a stretched out story, but this time it has gone to too much of an illogical level.

It is actually the story of a couple who is born always in the same locality and was in a relationship in all those births (How lucky). First time they were in Burma, second and third were in Tamil Nadu. Every time there is the same set of characters around these two to make their life difficult. The movie basically tells us a revenge story where the latest version of the couple avenges for the death of the older version. How they did it and how they knew about it is what Anegan talking about.

The kind of amplification I have seen in K V Anand movies were always in that enjoyable zone which wont tease much of our senses. But in the case of Anegan, director couldn’t handle the subject keeping in mind the reaction of the viewer. Dhanush is jumping from heights and stopping Giant Wheels from falling, the heroine is absolutely mad and drives recklessly on the road and many more such sequences are there in this movie which will make you do the facepalm thing and as a viewer I wasn’t expecting such a situation in a K V Anand movie.  The amount of coincidences towards the climax to make the revenge plot clearer appears amateurish at many points.

On screen, Dhanush is easily the best choice as the actor has this ability to transform himself to another physical phase. The three characters with three types of attitude were nicely done by Dhanush. Amyra Dastur who somewhat looked like a slim version of Isha Talwar was a pretty face. A share of her character’s likeability should be given to Raveena Ravi for adding certain amount of sweetness through her voice. Karthik’s English was really annoying. Aishwarya Devan was okay doing her part. Imagining Mukesh Tiwari as a Burmese man was a tough thing.

As I said, K V Anand fails to control the exaggerations in his script. The execution demanded much more quality and the movie lacks that. Screenplay is somewhat okay and occasionally there were a few punch dialogues. Cinematography wasn’t that great. The edits were good. Visual effects were really poor. The music was nice but the background score was awkward.

As a K V Anand movie, Anegan is a disappointment. Except for Dhanush’s versatile performance, there isn’t much in this lengthy movie that just doesn’t have anything to make it a captivating entertainer. The rating for the movie is 2/5.

Final Thoughts

Except for Dhanush’s versatile performance, there isn’t much in this lengthy movie that just doesn’t have anything to make it a captivating entertainer.


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Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


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