Saw ANWAR today. I know that movie is of to mixed response… but I liked the movie very much!! I can agree with those who gives avg. review to ANWAR, because it depends on the taste of each. But if some1 says its a terrible movie, I totally disagree.My parents are not gonna like this movie (Die Hard Sathyan Anthikad Fans Cant like these kind of movies).. ANWAR has a good theme. I never felt bored. It has a good pace. Technically ANWAR is BRILLIANT!! The ACTION sequence are brutal!! ( Best ever in Malayalam till date!!) Super slick editing by Vivek Harshan, A true follower for Amal Neerad in the section of Photography- Satheesh Kurup, FANTASTIC Back ground score and music by Gopi Sunder!! For Malayali audience ANWAR will be a never before experience… Never before seen camera angles!! You cant take your eyes off from the screen. Some good performances by PrithviRaj, PrakashRaj and Lal… The introduction scene of Prithvi with that BGM was really Amazing!! The one scene were he smacks the Gunda Shaji.. was a delight to watch!!… Fight scenes were done really well!! the explosions were executed fantastically!! I was expecting a bad VFX explosion, but Amal surprised all with a mind blowing BLAST on screen!! the three different angles of that explosion was a real surprise!! The Romance sequence is only a little, but it was done neatly.. Even though Mamta’s character has importance, her role (as per no. of scenes) is very less!! Just like that Sampath is also doing a cameo like role!! Made in a budget of Rs 4 Crore ANWAR is an Amazing work of Amal Neerad!! For me, It is his best work!! There arent any punch dialogues.. but still the movie is engaging!! Those of you who like Prithviraj, Amal Neerad, Fights, Technical sides of film making are surely gonna love this movie!!
ANWAR is technically excellent and the story lies in the region between avg and Good!! I will give 3.5/5 for ANWAR!! If POKKIRIRAJA, DABANGG, HAPPY HUSBANDS etc can make such effect in Box Office.. ANWAR deserves more than that!!


Final Thoughts

ANWAR is technically excellent and the story lies in the region between avg and Good


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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