artist-reviewArtist is a package of exceptional performances of the main protagonists to depict that so real emotion of being accused at the penultimate moment without being acknowledged for your sacrifices. Director Shyamaprasad once again makes a delightful movie with fresh backdrop and sensible emotions.

The story revolves around the main leads Michel and Gayathri. They are having a live in relationship. Michel is a painter and has all his inhibitions of being a creative guy. Gayathri was his junior in college and she was able to understand him in a way no one else could. Even with his artistic madness, Gayathri manages to get along with Michel. The plot here enters its conflict zone when Michel gets involved in a road accident and loses his sight. The events that follow after this, where Gayathri stands by him to recover from the mental shock and the sacrifices that happen in their life is what the movie talking about.

It’s always a pleasure to see Shyamaprasad sketching his characters. The amount of life that is thrown into them makes the canvas look so real. Here the challenge for the maker is in presenting that painter whose ideologies and takes on certain life aspects are total awkward for the common man. Also the leading lady here is on that rare side of understanding this madness. To take the audience in to this atmosphere is something difficult but Shyamaprasad has done it successfully. The way the screenplay and dialogs sets up the live in relationship idea with that selfless care backdrop is something beautiful and the movie never really makes that relationship too much of a bold step. The transitions in characters in the second half and how Gayathri desperately tries to keep everything in balance for her sweet heart’s passion for drawing is really touchy.

The USP of this drama definitely is in its juicy performances. Fahadh is excellent as Michel and the transformation to that self oriented painter was absolutely stunning. The first half charm as the talkative charismatic painter, the childishness that follows, the annoyed blind days, the resurrection portions and also that final outburst will definitely make you happy as a viewer. The other one and the most surprising one was the performance of Ann Augustine. The responsibility was indeed heavy and the actress has done it really well.   Sreeram and Srinda also did their part nicely.

As I said, Shyamaprasad conceives his characters with certain ideologies which create a curiosity in us. The level of emotional intensity is also high. The dialogs really explain the attitude of characters. Shamdat delivers some quality frames. Music is indeed a good one from Bijibal. Nice use of sync sound and the cuts were also fine.

Overall, Artist scores with its performance and also with the fresh story that conveys that tough emotional heart attack everyone might have faced. The rating is a 4/5 from me. They have conveyed a lot within 2 hours to keep you disturbed.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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