Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party directed by Amal Neerad is yet another proof to the fact that the director is talented, but he needs a script with some special content rather than AK 47 and black jacket. A thoroughly enjoyable first half and a totally downer second half filled with typical Amal Neerad style of hijack, killer deals, gun fire and slow motions at regular interval of time.
The movie is about the five men gang Ayyappan, Benny, Geevarghese, Tony and Fakeer. They were together in their childhood. They were thieves and as they grew up all of them became a part of the underworld gunda team. As they worked under different gangs, a situation arises were Ayyappan and Fakeer needs to get Tony to show their loyalty towards their boss. As Tony once tried to murder his boss with the help Benny and Geevar, Ayyappan and Fakeer are considered as cheaters. They are coming to get Tony who is married to Neethu and has a baby.
Geevar and Benny comes for the help of Tony and stands in the way of Ayyappan and Fakeer. As they have a strong bond of friendship they are trying to get out of this mess in a way that will save everyone’s ass. Rest what happens is the core of Bachelor Party.
Performance wise every one has done their role neatly. Indrajith and Rahman really steals the show as Benny and Geevargees. Both of them literally leads the comedy portion of the movie. Mani as Ayyappan is sharp and Vinayakan as Fakeer is loyal. Asif Ali also delivers a descent performance as Tony. Nithya Menon was satisfying as Neethu. Amal Neerad drops his usual Villain Sampath and brings in Ashish Vidhyarthi and John Vijay. Remya Nambisan’s role is really an unnecessary one. Other than the belly dance she doesnt have much to do with the story. Prithviraj’s short span role was used effectively.
Cinematography of Amal is eye candy. The “Pathirayo..” song, title track, climax sequence etc definitely shows his talent in holding the lens. But when it comes to direction, he disappoints. He showed a much improved show in the first half. Loved the way he presented the comedy in his unique style. But the second half was so bad that everything was an Amal Neerad cliche. The predictable climax with over doze of style makes it a tiring watch. Throughout the climax gunfire the audience were howling. Cool dialogs are there. Vivek Harshan’s editing is damn good. Stunts could have been better. Songs are really nice.
Overall Bachelor Party is a disappointing craft from Amal Neerad and his crew. If they have worked more on the script’s second half portion, the film could have been sure hit. My rating is 2/5 and thumps down for Amal Neerad’s first home production.

Final Thoughts


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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