Bang Bang

If you have seen the film Knight and Day, the impression you will have is that it would have been a great success if it was made in bollywood. May be that’s what prompted Siddharth Anand to do a bollywood remake of the Tom Cruise starrer in the form of Bang Bang. They have tried to reassemble it so that it doesn’t look like an exact copy of the original, but the too filmy or I should say bollywoodish takes makes this movie very much an average film.

The story focuses on this man called Rajveer who happens to be that mighty thief who stole the Kohinoor from London. Notorious international criminal Omar Zafar was planning the same robbery. As Rajveer took it before he could, Omar and the Indian Secret Service are now behind this guy. A girl Rajveer meets in between certain Kohinoor related negotiations also comes under the scanner and to save her from possible mishaps Rajveer takes her along with him. Bang Bang basically tells us this run for lives situation of our leading protagonists. Who exactly is Rajveer, his past, his motive etc are the mysteries that will unveil in front of you.

When I saw the trailer, I had this feeling that it would be a movie better than knight and day as it showed a great amount of adrenalin rush and Hrithik looked picture perfect to play this sort of a character. And in those beginning phases of the film where Suresh Nair and Sujoy Ghosh have written certain fresh things obviously made the curious me excited. But after that first song I think the movie lost its grip. The script becomes somewhat the same as that of Knight and Day. The second half also moves on in an okay pace but it had too much of set piece action sequences which looked ordinary as the visual effects faults and the awkward colour tone made visuals look compromised. There is a sentiments/revenge shade for the script which sounded very much like those melodramatic 80’s films. With enough and more body show from Hrithik & Katrina and some really good fight sequences, Bang Bang manages to keep you engaged without much breath taking things happening on screen.

Hrithik Roshan is undeniably the best guy right now in the industry to do this kind of a character. He is a good actor, excellent dancer and damn good in doing risky stunts. Rajveer is a mix of all these things and he has done it very nicely. Katrina Kaif was also pretty in her character as Harleen – they could have given her a promotion from the receptionist job. Danny Denzongpa, Jaaved Jaffrey, Pawan Malhotra and Jimmy Shergill did their roles nicely.

On the technical side, Siddharth Anand has tried to create a bigger canvas with all these cars exploding, bike chasing, hero jumping etc, but all these looked very compromised when it comes to technical perfection. Everyone whistled when Rajveer decided to take the formula one car to the busy road. But the poor vfx took away the entire thrill. That fault in the trailer where Katrina goes missing when the bike flips was corrected in the final edit. Screenplay was somewhat innovative in the beginning but lost that charm after the first quarter. Dialogues were okay. Songs were pretty good. BGM was nice.

So overall Bang Bang is a passable action thriller that has some moments for Hrithik’s fans to whistle for the kind of acrobatics and dance the actor does. My rating is a generous 2.5/5 for this Siddharth Anand remake. Bullets won’t hit anyone would have been a more logical caption than bullets will fly.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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