Bobby Jasoos

The only thing that works for you when you watch the film Bobby Jasoos is its heroine Vidya Balan. Dull with its thrill, fun and too cheesy with its emotional climax this movie manages to reach that bearable level only because of its title character’s lively performance.

Bobby Jasoos focuses on the life of a girl from Hyderabad. Bobby has this unique aspiration to be a detective and tries her luck at the local detective agency. But they are reluctant to hire a girl and thus Bobby is forced to take very silly cases that involve spying. One day a big fish comes to meet her and starts to offer her big money for just finding certain people from her town. In the beginning it was all cool for Bobby, but from one point Bobby goes after the man who uses her for these purposes and the movie mainly focuses on this hunt of Bobby.

Well the title of the film has this Jasoos thing and you certainly expect some sort of thrill and twist in the story. And with the female being a struggling detective, there is scope for showing some women empowerment ideas and also good humor. The movie has tried to include all these things in the screenplay, but sadly none of it really worked in favor of it. There is no fun in seeing the struggles or the fancy dress attempts of Bobby. And that romance part was all too abrupt with that song which kind of came out of nowhere.

Director Samar Shaikh couldn’t add anything visually engaging to this movie that has a script which fails to concentrate on something specific. The larger focus is given for the million dollar case that Bobby handles but finally when we realize the truth behind the mystery man and his intentions, it was a letdown. I was hoping for something more exciting towards the climax but the melodramatic ending was underwhelming. Dialogues don’t have the energy. Music wasn’t that great from Shantanu Moitra and the song I liked was a misfit for the movie.

As I said, its Vidya Balan’s energetic performance that saves this movie from being extremely boring. Ali Fazal as an individual was a good choice for the film, but pairing this 27 year old actor with Vidya Balan wasn’t a great idea. Supriya Pathak and Tanvi Azmi weren’t used effectively.

So overall, Bobby Jasoos isn’t that charming. It lacks humor, thrill and sensible sentiments. My rating is 2/5 for this Vidya Balan starrer. With just about two hours of run time, this detective is bearable.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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