Breaking News Live

Through his debut venture “Breaking News Live” the intention of debutant director Sudhir Ambalapadu is to make the society aware about its responsibilities and also to remind people that a timely act small or big can at times save the life of an innocent individual. Sadly the outdated making and unnecessary thriller style treatment spoils the intention and the movie becomes a tiring watch even in its very short run time.

The movie is a work of fiction, but the main source of the spark is the famous case that happened a few years back where a girl was brutally abused and killed in a train and the co passengers were accused by the society for being mute. In Breaking News Live the leading lady represents those passengers who failed to help the girl in that crucial time. Even though the real life story was a tragic one, the reel life story is not.

The problem with Breaking News Live is its scripting. Almost the entire first half looks quite unnecessary as it is used just to create an atmosphere around the main female protagonists. To make things commercial the writers have tried to narrate scenes in a suspicious way but sadly each scene looked quite isolated and the natural humor also didn’t worked. The second half is too much of drama with each character accusing the central protagonist and it looked quite insane.

In the performance side, Kavya gets a role that cannot be termed as challenging and her performance is satisfactory. Mythili gets a vital role and she is definitely improving by each film. Apart from these two characters and the largely mute antagonist, the other characters are quite exaggerated. The characters played by Anoop Chandran and Mamukkoya does have a fair amount of screen time but the content never really demanded such characters which were used for adding some fun which couldn’t sync with the movie. Vineeth, Devan, Thilakan etc are there just to enhance the star cast. It was nice to see Sukumari in a sound character after a long time.

In the making direction and scripting is quite outdated. The thriller type treatment was a mistake as the movie never really had a thrilling point. Misplaced commercial flavors and overdose of melodrama drags the movie big time.  Almost the entire second half is hard to digest as it couldn’t make the required impact on the viewer. VFX is just about ok and I loved the title sequence powered by Mr Vinod Kovoor. Cinematography is also compromised and the music isn’t that catchy. The placing of the songs was really awkward and it disturbs the movie big time.

On the whole Breaking News Live fails to achieve its aim. With more realistic making and practical emotions the theme could have been presented in a better way. I am giving it 1.5/5. Good theme but a total let down as a movie.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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