Captain America Civil War

Let me begin this review saying that I am not a comic book addict, I never really had the opportunity to read them and I don’t have the opinion that one should read and master them to enjoy the film format which is based on the comics. Captain America Civil War, the new instalment in the Marvel universe is one more top notch exciting entertainer with interesting layers. Much like winter soldier, civil war also has this great impact on how the whole Avengers plot gets shifted with the introduction of new characters and opinions. With perspectives and conflicts making sense along with depth, this Captain America movie is gripping because of the way it’s been conceived.

The premise of the movie is after the ultron episode. The private operations of the Avengers causing casualties result in the demand of having a control over them. Tony Stark struck by guilt, was willing to comply with the conditions put forward and a couple more in the team joins him. But Captain questioned the limiting factor in this agenda and disagreed to sign the agreement. With Cap’s sentiments for Bucky and Tony going against Cap ideologically, the plot is set for fight between two teams and the film focuses on that conflict.

From a mere entertainment perspective, Civil War might stand slightly below your expectations. Because the first half, of the movie is focusing more on the verbal side of conflict and whatever fight you get to see is largely on the fist fight, kick and beat category. The film really kicks in the second half with that actual fight between the two sides happening on that Airport. The surprise entries and certain surprise moves will really entertain you for sure. The Joss Whedon model quirky funny scenes and conversations were also there in the second half which sort of increased the amount of laughter among the audience.

I really liked the way Robert Downey Jr underplayed the usually eccentric vivacious iron man/ Tony Stark. The performance sort of justifies the phase the character is going through. Chris Evans in his usual charm performs the role of Cap nicely. Sebastian Stan gets a chance to loosen up from the usual emotionless Winter Soldier mode. Rest of the avengers were also pretty impressive. Special mention to Chadwick Boseman and Tom Holland on their impressive debut in the franchise.

The Russo brothers have made the movie in a completely engaging way. Looking at the sort of darkness and perspective war this movie has, finding the right balance is a really difficult task and I think they have managed to achieve it. The screenplay skilfully includes the events in a catchy smooth way. The catastrophic damages we see in the earlier films, the story of the less concerned lives, the questioning of the vigilante nature of the Avengers etc. gives the movie more of an interesting fresh tone as most of the superhero films these days are getting criticised for being repetitive. Conversations have grace, depth and occasional humor. Visuals are grand and the visual effects are of great quality. May be because of the nature of the film, the background score isn’t delivering the usual Goosebumps feel.

On the whole, Captain America Civil War is as entertaining and deep (looking at the franchise and character equations) as the Winter Soldier. It’s not the rollercoaster Joss Whedon movie but it is an impressive Russo brothers movie.

Final Thoughts

Captain America Civil War is as entertaining and deep as the Winter Soldier. It's not the rollercoaster Joss Whedon movie but it is an impressive Russo brothers movie.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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