Chandrettan Evideya

One among the many small good things about Sidharth Bharathan’s second directorial venture Chandrettan Evideya is that it portrays a complicated family drama episode in a humorous and satirical manner. With performances aiding the simple concept in the correct dosage, this non typical Dileep entertainer is worth watching.

Chandramohan is a government employee in the Trivandrum Secretariat and he is also an ardent follower of the classical dance forms. His wife Sushama is also a government employee. But the doubting wife keeps track of each and every thing her husband does. The story basically focuses on the incidents that happen after their meeting with an astrologer at Thanjavur. How the problems get worse and how it finally gets resolved is what Chandrettan Evideya talking about.

The kinds of movies we see that are based on extra marital affairs are largely melodramatic. But Santosh Aechikkanam has succeeded in giving it a light feel without making it too much of an unrealistic chaos of comedy. The characters are real and sensible in terms of emotions and the sarcasm and humour never becomes over written. I loved the simple idea of casting Vinayakan as the king with an unusual slang (teasing the typical). The conflict zone’s depth is the only problem here as the movie wishes to remain in a very safe area of discussion. That makes the enlightenment portion of the script a bit clichéd or I should say not that attractive.

It is quite a relief to see Dileep doing this sort of entertainers as they use the actor in him in a more wide aspect. The slapstick jokes we are used to are not there in the movie and that itself gives freshness. Anusree was really impressive as Sushama. Keeping that character real and also worthy of making fun of was a tough task and the actress has done it very nicely. Namitha Pramod was good in her character. Soubin Shahir along with Chemban Vinod Jose and Suraaj Venjaramood handled the humour nicely. KPAC Lalitha and Mukesh were also good in their small characters.

Sidharth Bharathan has succeeded in making Chandrettan Evideya a sensible comedy. The script written by Santhosh Aechikkanam gets a lively presentation through Bharathan’s son. As I said, the movie doesn’t intend to go for a deep discussion on the core idea, so that part is slightly weak. But I liked the way Aechikkanam balanced the equation between the husband and wife. Cinematography was good. The edits had some continuity issues in the beginning. The Vasantha Mallike song is really catchy and the background scores are also in sync with the movie.

Chandrettan Evideya is an easy watch with good enough humour and fair enough content. A comparison with other recent Dileep movies is pointless. My rating is 3/5 and thumbs up for this feel good comedy.

Final Thoughts

Chandrettan Evideya is an easy watch with good enough humour and fair enough content.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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