The most bizarre part of the latest movie Chembarathipoo is the climax where our script writer hero calls someone and says he has got a really good climax. Yes, this is one of those films about movie aspirants making movie about their own life and this film is so bad that people were laughing when the hero said that dialogue in the end. With a tacky screenplay that doesn’t know how to keep it engaging, this movie from Arun Vaiga is a test of patience.

Vinod is this film aspirant who is working on a script. Chembarathipoo is basically showing us how Vinod reached the climax of his first script which had a lot to do with the two real love stories that happened in his own life. The evolution of those love stories is the core of this film.

The one word easy verdict for this movie would be that it is the laziest version of Premam. It’s not a comparison with that film, but the zone they are trying to get in is that. But substance is a key thing in a script and every character in this movie seems too unreal and the hero is too annoying. Romance has a lot to do with mutual understanding and the film invests very less on that aspect of it. The slowness of the narrative to show the most obvious things makes it only difficult for us. The guy who sat behind me was predicting the next step in each scene and I wasn’t angry at him because I could also feel the frustration.

This is Askar Ali’s second film and I must say that he needs to work on his expressions. His acting feels like he is hesitant to open up. In one particular song sequence, you can sense a mechanical feel in even the way he moves his arm. The heroines in the film have very less verbal communication to do as most of the time our hero is stalking them in whichever way possible. Parvathy Arun and Adithi Ravi are pretty in terms of looks but when it comes to dialogue delivery only Adithi seems to be doing well. Quintessential ingredient Aju Varghese is there in a character that doesn’t really bother the story. Vishak Nair wasn’t funny and Dharmajan is there in a pointless role.

Arun Vaiga’s making has no crispness. The writing of the movie is just a bunch of scenes that doesn’t connect smoothly. I still don’t know the point of all those communist elements and the mannequin fight. It is okay to show various incidents during a particular phase in someone’s life. But it should make a point that adds to the story. Arun Vaiga is simply adding really silly jokes and other stuff to extend the length of the movie. The airplane jokes of Sudheer Karamana were not at all funny. The songs are a little too frequent and the only one that I noticed was the poem sung by KS Chitra. The edits were really poor while the cinematography was okay.

Chembarathipoo is the outcome of a lazy script. The two love stories falls flat in terms of emotions. And with a lackluster performance from the hero making it even more underwhelming it’s hard to list out the positives of this movie.

Rating: 1.5/5

Final Thoughts

With a lackluster performance from the hero making it even more underwhelming it’s hard to list out the positives of Chembarathipoo.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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  1. Nalla story aan.valare ishtapettu.but direction poraaa.. pinne aarudem abhinayavum kollila…. Ithra nalla story kitteeet ee padam ee kolathil aakiyath valare mosham aayi story nalla directorsn koduth nalla actorsne okke vech eduthaal urapayitum super hit…. Sure.

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