Chunkzz is Omar Lulu’s second film after last year’s sleeper hit Happy Wedding. I personally wasn’t a big fan of that misogynistic film and if you had the same opinion, Chunkzz isn’t the one for you. In fact the jokes and the entire tone of the movie has more anti female propaganda when compared to Happy Wedding and it makes me wonder how a censor board can give such a film a clean U.

Romario is our main protagonist. He is a mechanical engineering final year student who has three really close friends. During the final year, Romario’s childhood crush and family friend Riya joins them in college. The movie shows us how her arrival influences him and how things change.

It might be the confidence the director got from the success of a mediocre creation that prompted him to take a silly story and stuff it with misogyny. From racist remarks to pervert jokes, Chunkzz encapsulates a society’s sexual frustration. I watched the film in a full house audience with men and women and it was really disturbing to find even girls laughing at such sexist jokes. Even stand up comedians have more maturity in presenting jokes. It is not that none of it is real, boys always had crush on good looking teachers. But there is a minimum aesthetic one should keep. The film at some areas pointlessly squeezes in jokes just to slut shame characters.

Omar showed his style in the last film and nothing has changed. His story telling is simply based on an undeveloped one liner. While others add character layers and back stories, Omar and his writers seems to be in desperation to find a sequence that will defame the females in the frame or story. Very occasionally the film has certain dialogue humour which I found funny. The dialogues are too desperate for vulgar fun. Alby’s cinematography doesn’t have much space to do anything creative. Underwhelming songs and plagiarised background scores along with mediocre lyrics makes the music department unimpressive.

Balu Varghese appears in his typical style. Vishak Nair and Ganapathi were okay being the Chunkzz. Dharmajan as always sneaks in his signature comedy. Honey Rose doesn’t have much space to act and the movie is only interested in her looks. Usually Siddique manage to make an impression while playing small roles, but here that didn’t happen. Lal on the other hand made an impression (even though the jokes were all politically disgusting).

If you don’t have the habit of analyzing a film about its overall agenda and are okay with comedy nights with Kapil kind of jokes, you won’t find it difficult. But I belong to the other category and the experience was painful.

Rating: 1.5/5

Final Thoughts

If you don't have the habit of analyzing a film about its overall agenda and are okay with comedy nights with Kapil kind of jokes, you won't find it difficult.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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