Deadpool, the movie self trolls, mocks the typical superhero movies and thus becomes an atypical superhero movie with hell a lot of adultery that will make you laugh out loud. Well I know you guys have sensed it from the trailers, but still an introduction is customary. The first part of the franchise may not have much of a “New York under alien attack” like story to its credit, but with mockery and repartee winning the audiences, Deadpool is fucking fun (Yah! You heard it Mr. Nehlani).

Well you all will be familiar with the character and the movie quite literally follows that dialogue Deadpool says in the trailer; “I didn’t ask to be super, and I’m no hero. But when you find out your worst enemy is after your best girl, the time has come to be a fucking superhero.” Yup! The guy was offered a chance to become a superhero by an agent when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The experiment got fucked up and the superhero who was in the revenge mode ultimately ended up in the cliché super hero scenario of saving the girlfriend from the villain.

Well the plot is pretty slim and the scope of the movie lies majorly in the conversations. And yes they have nailed it in that department. Even when the situations go dark for the character and his relationship, the kind of sense of humour he possesses is ridiculously hilarious. Almost like the Iron Man coolness with extra bit of “F”. Miller overcomes the lack of a genuine plot by adding quirky, spoofy humour at all possible moments. They even made fun of the lack of budget.

Tim Miller, the man who created the beautiful title sequence for “The girl with the dragon tattoo” starts the movie with a hilarious and visually brilliant title sequence trolling almost everyone. Looking at the writers credit I just cant believe that these were the guys who wrote G I Joe retaliation. They have sliced the screenplay in a very engaging way giving us a slightly different narration going back and forth. Tim Miller wonderfully fuses in all the nasty “Deadpool” stuff with visual effects that looked good on screen. A special round of applauds to the whole creative team for not destroying a major portion of earth this time. Other technical aspects were also satisfying.

Ryan Reynolds was really awesome as the damn cool superhero. The “emotional” sequences are pretty less and the key thing in the film for the actor is to be spot on with the dialogue delivery and he was oozing with coolness. Morena Baccarin looked ravishing as the equally quick witted Vanessa. Ed Skrein was nice as the villain (Better than the Transporter reboot). Gina Carano looked bulky and busty so that she could distract the “Captain America” wannabe Colossus. She should consider this look for her Fast and Furious role as she is seen with Dwayne Johnson there.

So to sum it up, for around 108 minutes of running time, Deadpool offers hell a lot of hilarious moments and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thumbs up for the movie and middle finger salute to the Indian censor board who gave the movie an A certificate and still demanded cuts and muting. Come on Nehlani! People aren’t even using incognito mode to watch porn these days. Grow up!

Final Thoughts

For around 108 minutes of running time, Deadpool offers hell a lot of hilarious moments and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thumbs up for the movie.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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