Despicable Me 2

despicable-me-2-reviewThe moon stealer is back with his minions and girls to give you some really really entertaining stuff. Compared to its first part Despicable Me 2 has more fun elements. The central character Gru is not a villain anymore. The story still manages to find enough humorous subplots with his added responsibilities regarding the girls.

Gru is living happily with his 3 girls and one day an AVL (Anti Villain League) agent Lucy steps in and takes him to the AVL headquarters. Their chief Silas Ramsbottom asks him to assist Lucy in finding the man behind the disappearance of a secret laboratory that contained chemical PX-41. The chemical can turn normal living beings to killing monsters. The agency has found out that the guy is someone among the shop owners in the Paradise mall and requests Gru to use his past villain experience in finding out the bad guy. Despicable Me 2 basically revolves around this mission of Gru. With him getting more attached to the girls, the plot manages to go to various levels and narrates all these subplots with smart and cool humor.

Unlike the first part, the minions have more dominance in the movie as they offer many instances for us to laugh out loud. With those teasing and cool attitude among themselves even in alarming situations, the minions never really fails in their task to ensure humor. Much like the first part, there isn’t much emphasis on the villain, apart from being the prime reason for all the happenings. The focus is still on Gru’s personal life. His love for the three girls who changed his life and his concerns about them are shown very nicely in the screenplay. With the girls also thinking about their guardian, Lucy becomes that love interest of Gru.

It’s those funny rendering of scenes that makes this simple storyline a hilarious one. The reaction of the minions after hearing the AVL chiefs name, them taking care of the girls, Kevin falling in love with Lucy, Gru’s attempts to stop Margo from falling in love with Antonio, the celebrations and activities of the minions in the laboratory, that scene were two minions painted like the evil ones take Gru to the place of El Macho, those minions songs and many other scenes are there in this package to make you ROFL.

Loved the direction by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud as they managed keep the momentum throughout the film. The minions were used more frequently, but it never went to an overdose level. Screenplay is swift and funny with everything having its space. Impressive animation from the team and the 3D was also pleasing.

Overall Despicable Me 2 is a really nice entertainment package. I am giving a 4/5 for the show stealers of the moon stealer. There is a Minions movie auditioning sequence at the end of the film, do watch it for its humor and for the use of 3D viewing experience (Loved the way those big bubbles came out).

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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