Sitting through the excruciatingly painful Karthi movie Dev, I was wondering what was it in the script that excited Karthi to commit to this movie. Dev is one of those films where I felt I should show this to the characters in the movie (hypothetical scenario) and show them how ridiculous and stupid they are as human beings. The live your life story from Rajath Ravishankar, is actually somewhat a psycho version of Yeh Jawani Hei Deewani.

Dev is the son of a wealthy man named Ramalingam and he has this agenda living your life to the fullest by doing all seemingly crazy stuff. Overnight he takes his superbike and travels to Mumbai from Chennai to surprise his crush. And he even climbs Mount Everest that too without oxygen cylinder (typical Tamil Hero things). So into the life of this YOLO guy comes a girl whose only agenda in life is to make money. How this divine “love at first profile picture like” changes the life of Dev is what the movie showing us.

The most tragic part about the whole thing is that this movie’s story is narrated as the content of a stand-up comedy set by Dev’s friend. I feel really bad for that audience who had to sit through that terrible set after hoping to get some relief in the form of comedy. I understand the reason why some people say romance has no real sense and it is complicated. But what you see in Dev is the weirdest way of testing the intensity of love. I would say it is the story about two stupid characters who think they are in love but are actually competing with one another in being the biggest idiot. SPOILER ALERT! Let me just tell you the scene how the heroine falls for the hero. The hero was driving back home and suddenly sees a girl getting chased by some men and he jumps to rescue her. And after saving her, the girl sort of falls in love with him and when she makes the move our gentleman hero gives her a lecture about relationship and infatuation and guess what?! The girl was an undercover journalist who was secretly capturing all this in a hidden camera and in the next morning the whole of Tamil Nadu was praising the amazing Dev and seeing this, our busy heroine decides to accept his facebook friend request. How modern and romantic right?

Writer-Director Rajath Ravishankar has conceptualized many such monumental moments in the movie which will make you imitate that famous Jackie Chan WTF meme. Rajath’s screenplay is so lazily written that even when the movie ends we will be still wondering what exactly it was about. At first, there is this friendship story which has this broad stroke narrative that simplifies everything so lamely. Then suddenly out of the blue our hero is in the Neelakasham Pachakkadal Chuvanna Bhoomi mode and takes his superbike and goes to Mumbai. Then this divine love blossoms between two people who have weirdest of conditions. The reasons and excuses for the troubles in that already fragile relationship are so annoying that I felt school kids will handle similar situations more maturely. It is one of the most irritating romances I have seen in recent times. The visuals are fine mainly because of the exotic locations they have chosen. Harris Jayaraj’s music is nice but the frequency of the songs is too high in this movie and the relevance of those songs is questionable. Visual effects were poor. The stunts in the movie made no sense.

Karthi is okay being the guy with this YOLO kind of attitude. His usual set of expressions is enough to pull off a character like this. I would say Rakul Preet Singh has done justice to the role as her overenthusiastic performance sort of justifies the irritating and unreasonable Meghna. Amrutha Sreenivasan and RJ Vigneshkanth are the quintessential hero’s friends with abundant foolish ideas. Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishnan are simply wasted here.

According to the Wikipedia page of the movie, 50 crore is the budget of this film and I still can’t believe that a script like this sounded convincing to a producer. Dev is nothing short of torture. By the time the Everest episode started in the movie, everyone in the audience was feeling irritated and a few of them even walked out.

Rating: 1.5/5

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Final Thoughts

According to the Wikipedia page of the movie, 50 crore is the budget of this film and I still can’t believe that a script like this sounded convincing to a producer.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.