Sardar Review | An Underwhelming Spy-Thriller That Tries Hard to Be a Star Vehicle

In the introduction sequence of Karthi in the movie Sardar, there is a line the character says about his social media persona. He says something like he wants to set a template rather than being in an already set template. But frankly, when you finish watching Sardar, you might want to tell both PS Mithran… Continue reading Sardar Review | An Underwhelming Spy-Thriller That Tries Hard to Be a Star Vehicle


The B and C center-oriented template village drama seems like a go-to option for actors in the Tamil industry to maintain a fan base on a larger scale. Almost every actor has opted for such stories, some of which have got immense commercial success. Viruman, starring Karthi, is the actor’s new try at the village… Continue reading Viruman


It seems like Tamil Cinema’s newfound obsession with saving farmers won’t have an end for some time. There was a time when this “Vyavasayam” theme felt like a political stand of the artists involved in those films. But now, they are creating template movies with the distressed farmer becoming a mere backdrop. The new Karthi… Continue reading Sulthan


Writing a review for Jeethu Joseph’s new Tamil movie Thambi is a little bit tricky. Because the one comparison I have in my head is such that if I spill it, it might spoil the entire movie for you. Jeethu Joseph is a man who has created really impressive thrillers and we are all familiar… Continue reading Thambi


Imagine a Deepavali release movie that has no heroine, no dance, no song and yet so captivating; that’s Kaithi for you. I am not saying Kaithi is amazingly perfect because there are some over the top action sequences featuring Karthi that sort of does injustice to the situational thriller nature of this movie. But Lokesh… Continue reading Kaithi


Sitting through the excruciatingly painful Karthi movie Dev, I was wondering what was it in the script that excited Karthi to commit to this movie. Dev is one of those films where I felt I should show this to the characters in the movie (hypothetical scenario) and show them how ridiculous and stupid they are… Continue reading Dev