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dhoom-3-reviewSpoiler Alert: Some unavoidable references about the story will be there in the review which may spoil the fun if you are so keen to watch Dhoom 3.

Having a magician as your main attraction in a franchise like Dhoom is indeed a license to do things that can question the existence of physics laws, but when it comes to Dhoom 3 they went the Rajnikanth way and kept the magic out of the business. Except for the sharp performance from Aamir Khan and a much improved use of visual effects, this movie from Vijay Krishna Acharya offers very less fun that is digestible. Taking the very pivotal idea from Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece The Prestige, Dhoom 3 is probably the lamest interpretation of that.

Sahir is a circus guy and he is planning to conduct the Great Indian Circus show with his crew. But there is dark past where the young Sahir lost his father as the Chicago bank refused to support them. The robbery comes to the lime light as part of Sahir’s revenge against the bank. To capture the thief who writes things in Hindi after robbery, India’s finest cop ( don’t know how) Jai Dixit arrives at Chicago along with his partner Ali. The mysteries behind Sahir and how Jai and Ali manages to lock the thief is the content all about.

It takes almost 45 minutes for writer director Vijay Krishna Acharya to introduce all his main characters and by that time I lost a larger part of my interest in the movie because of the unimaginable stunts they embedded in the chases. While Aamir’s intro sequence had lesser number of hitches, the auto rickshaw + bike intro sequence of Jai and Ali was too much to tolerate. Then the film moves on to its usual cat and mouse games. Vijay Krishna Acharya who earlier wrote Tashan repeats his same strategy of adding personal sentiments to create tension in the plot and as expected its romance. With bike transforming to whatever thing its RC book owner wanted it to, the audience including me were in a spot of confusion whether to howl or scream. After revealing the crucial fact in the interval the movie decelerates considerably and then manages to strike back with the help of some impressively choreographed chase sequences and Aamir’s acting skills. But for a three hour long movie, what they showed was too less.

In the making side, the direction isn’t that impressive. After each 5 minutes you will get to here the signature theme music with characters walking in slow motion. Police simply staring at someone who just stolen the money from a big bank while he is slowly moving on a rope from one building to another riding his bike ( too much na?), auto rickshaws flying through roof tops, cars crashing like they had enough with the police department and an Ali who was not at all funny. The script in way copies the elements of its ancestors. Cinematography was really nice and that along with some smart enough visual effects works made the visuals look great on canvas. Those chase sequences in Chicago showed some class. Choreography was disappointing while some of the tracks from Pritam were entertaining.

The one man who saves the movie in my view is Aamir Khan who got a chance to show his versatility and have done a really appreciable job. Abhishek Bacchan is okay as Jai Dixit and Uday Chopra is an annoyance. I wont consider Katrina as the heroine of the movie; because she is just there to dance in those 4 songs of the movie.

Overall, its a disappointment for me. Aamir hasn’t disappointed me with his performance, but the selection script was a let down. The scattered twists and the bigger canvas offers some entertainment for sure, but on the whole its not up to the mark. My rating is a generous 2.5/5. Recommended for those who hasn’t seen or liked The Prestige.


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