Fast and Furious 6

fast-and-furious-reviewWhat you want from a Fast and Furious franchise is definitely fulfilled with the 6th edition of the driving extravaganza. Cars are flying, drifting, exploding and you can also expect some action sequences that may insult Newton’s laws of motion. With almost everyone in the franchise in the field along with Dwayne Johnson, this “Family” code is nothing short of a good entertainer to make you laugh clap and whistle.

The plot here has the major protagonists living a retired life from all the major activities. An attack by a group of people lead by British Special Forces Soldier Owen Shaw in Moscow that was done with the help of vehicles prompts Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobbs to ask for Dominic’s team’s help in this matter. In return Hobbs offers to return of Dominic’ girlfriend Letty Ortiz, who was reportedly dead. The movie is about the Family’s reunion to catch the bad guys for the cops and also get their lost member back along with full amnesty for their past crime so that they can get back to USA.

Well, it’s a clear plot that has the typical structure of almost all action movies. But the good thing is that they have enough spice and salt to make the film engaging for its runtime of around 2 hours. The full team is on the slightly matured side this time with Brian O’Conner having a kid and Han having plans to settle down.  The pursuits are there to excite you, but the level was too much at times to sync in (Like the catch made by Vin Diesel on the bridge). But still all these can be enjoyed considering the depth of the set pieces. The climax fight is indeed a mix of rough punches and some unimaginable (slightly illogical) stunts. Some negatives are there like the much elaborated jail episode of Brian.

On screen Vin Diesal is cool and comfortable as Dominic. Dwayne Johnson appears in his cop avatar which I believe is somewhat a repetition of his G I Joe portrayal. Rest of the cast including Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges and Sung Kang has done their job smartly. Tyrese Gibson really made the audience laugh with his coolness. Luke Evans was really a convincing antagonist, but sadly there isn’t much screen time for him. Gina Carano is pretty cool as the Riley.

Direction is cool enough to make the movie engaging. The conventional fast and furious feel was there till the end. Script is a convincing one. It moves in an uneven pace, but the tempo of the movie is never really lost. Dialogs are pretty cool. The action sequences are on the over the top side. A much improved Visual effects compared to the earlier installments. The fights among the characters were also choreographed nicely. Cinematography is perfect for the feel and the BG score is the conventional peppy one.

On the whole Fast and Furious 6 will surely satisfy the lovers of this franchise. With ample car chases, fights and humor embedded in a not that bad storyline, this ride will please you for sure. I am giving 3.5/5 for this street chaos. Don’t leave the cinema hall quickly, there is a big surprise waiting for you after the credits.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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