Georgettan’s Pooram

Georgettan’s Pooram is what you get when you try to add too much to an okay sports drama. The soul of the movie has to do with the game Kabadi. But unfortunately this movie desperately tries to cater to the audience of Dileep and thus the comedy, romance and a lot of sentiments in the film are a burden to the movie. With the above mentioned elements offering fun only discretely, Georgettan’s pooram doesn’t offer anything fresh or interesting.

George is this jobless young guy who has a set of similar friends. He is the son of a priest and the family isn’t that proud of him. These guys have a place to hangout and it is called Mathai parambu, which had a connection with the game of Kabadi. The movie’s main conflict deals with an emotional connection between this place and the game.

Like I said in the beginning, almost 75% of this film is wandering aimlessly. You have misogynistic jokes and other skit jokes trying to entertain you. Some of it might make you laugh while a large part of it is this typical gimmick you see in a Dileep movie. We sort of get a sense about the structure of the story by the interval, but much to the disappointment the film again pushes the conflict away and it is only in the last 30 minutes or so we get to see the Kabadi in action. Within half an hour they are trying to show us a Chak De where an aimless bunch of guys with zero experience in Kabadi beats a professional team. That portion having a hero centric approach only makes the movie closer to a nonsensical idea.

The character of George is in the safe zone of an actor like Dileep. But still a sort of exaggerated comical tone is there to the character which at times is a bit annoying. Rajisha Vijayan doesn’t have much to do here and by the time the film reach the second half and its main agenda, she is not even relevant for the film. I don’t know what attracted someone like Vinay Forrt to do the role of Vava. Sharafudheen and Hareesh with their usual slang were kind of okay. Chemban Vinod Jose was good in his character. The cast includes many prominent names like T.G Ravi, Sudheer Karamana, Renji Panicker, Sunil Sughada and a few others as well.

K Biju who earlier made the movie Dr Love has an okay enough story here. But the script by Y V Rajesh is too elaborate. The film has invested a lot of it’s time in showing us how George and his gang are. The humour in the writing does offer some spontaneous laughter, but at the end it is all about how relevant all these things were for the story. It is kind of similar to what happened with Kavi Uddeshichathu. And if you compare Georgettan’s Pooram with that film, Kavi Uddeshichathu has wasted less time on build up. The climax match has many cheesy hero worshipping sequences which look too over the top. And making the visuals in slow motion can’t really hide such flaws. Edits have continuity errors. I liked the two songs while the background score failed to create an impression.

To sum up, Georgettan’s Pooram just doesn’t have the kind of punch one would expect in a festival entertainer. The script fails to focus on the main issue and because of that Georgettan’s Pooram has this half baked feel.

Rating: 2/5

Final Thoughts

The script fails to focus on the main issue and because of that Georgettan's Pooram has this half baked feel.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.


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