ghanchakkar-reviewYou may have some annoyance about the climax of the latest Rajkumar Gupta movie Ghanchakkar. Even though it couldn’t meet the kind of expectation the narrative created, I was able to enjoy it for its humor. Ghanchakkar is an engaging take on the used up idea of memory loss. The unusual humor backdrop really helps the movie in creating some interesting circumstances and the film manages to keep its audience interested in it.

The plot here is about a safe cracker Sanju. When offered 10 crore rupees, Sanju agrees to be a part of a bank robbery changing his decision to quit theft. Sanju, Pandit and Idris were the ones involved in the robbery and they decide to divide their shares three months after the act. But during this three months period, Sanju gets involved in an accident and loses his memory. With Sanju unable to remember about the money and the other two desperate to get their share, the movie shows us the interesting happenings that occur in Sanju’s life.

The idea of memory lose is something that has been used many times after Ghajini. But what makes Ghanchakkar engaging is its humorous take on the helplessness of the partial amnesia of the main protagonist. The agony created in others with his attitude, his investigations and speculations about himself and the people around him is really interesting. Comedy is something non typical. The robbery sequence where Emraan Hashmi is wearing a mask that has exactly the same expression of the character, the boasting of his wife Neetu about fashion sense, her way of yelling when her husband starts to find out leads against her, the way Pandit and Idris react to Sanju’s situation and the climax that has a weird sarcasm towards the situation makes this film a non typical entertainer.

The performances are really good. Emraan manages to pull off the confused lazy husband with much perfection. Vidya Balan scores with her crazy avatar as Neetu. The guys who really impressed me were Rajesh Sharma as Pandit and Namit Das as Idris. The combination of tapori attitude of Idris and the “humble” attitude of Pandit creates some good humor.

In the making, Rajkumar Gupta has conceived it tidily. He has used his actors to the best and up to a level he was successful in keeping the audience guessing. The negative I felt was in the script as it couldn’t create some real surprises. The environment was built up for something special and they couldn’t pull off something that could meet that anticipation. Impressive cinematography and edits. Liked the tunes by Amit Trivedi and the back ground score was also convincing.

On the whole, Ghanchakkar is a non typical experiment that has its moments throughout. The only issue I felt was in the climax which was slightly below the expectations. Appreciating the idea and performances, I am giving it a 3/5. It’s not that bad.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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