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goli-soda-reviewWe have seen a lot of films in Tamil that tries to narrate the story where a common man hero will fight against a mighty villain who spoiled his life. Goli Soda, the new film written and directed by Vijay Milton somewhat repeats the same idea; but takes a huge risk of replacing a commercial hero with four teenage boys and surprisingly the movie succeeds in making things look real and entertaining. The roughness being conveyed in a non typical manner makes this skillfully conceived movie a good cine experience.

The story focuses on the lives of four street children Pulli, Settu, Chithappa and Kuttimani who doesn’t have a constant job in the market and lives a life with the help of a lady (Aachi) in the market whom they love and respect a lot. On Aachi’s request, the local rowdy/leader Naidu allows these four kids to reopen his shop which was not functioning for a long time and do the hotel business. Some unpleasant  interactions with Naidu’s men complicates the life of these boys and the ones around them in a very severe way. The tough fight back of the suppressed is the soul of this movie.

There is a fight sequence in the post interval session of the movie where you see four boys and two girls fight against 20 + gangsters. The chances of you calling the domination of the kids in this fight as exaggerated is very little. Its a sequence where you can see an impressive output of cinematography, editing and stunt choreography. The sequences coming after this particular fight really had the kick which we miss in many of the recent superstar films. The pace of edits in the beginning of the movie as well as the possibility of the reunion of the boys in the second half of the movie can be considered as negatives.

Santhosh, Sree Raam, Pandi and Murugesh were really good in their characters and we could rarely sense too much of drama in their expressions. The two girls Seetha (applauds) and Chandini were also impressive. Imman Annachi, Sujatha Sivakumar, Madhusudhan and Vijai Murugan also delivered a standard performance.

The director Vijay Milton was successful in keeping the film in that realistic zone with roughness in treatment. Screenplay also is written in a way where the viewer will easily try to see things through the level of the main characters. Dialogues carried the real feel and some of them had the punch to make the audience whistle and clap. The power star song was placed in an awkward position. Cinematography suits the film. Edits were slightly disturbing in the beginning. Music was a variety and BGM was impressive.

Goli Soda can be called  as a variety take on a used out masala formula. Movie uses its first half to build the arena so that we will get to see some intriguing tussle in the second half. The rating is 3.5/5 and thumbs up for Vijay Miton’s Goli Soda.

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