Happy Wedding

Happy Wedding is one of those movies which should have been made as an entertainer short film. Elaborated unnecessarily for the sake of charmless fun, this movie is entertaining only because of one man; Sharaf U Dheen. With outdated misogyny template being used discretely, Happy Wedding is a wafer thin idea that got stretched.

Hari and Manu are cousins and Hari is a sensitive lover boy. After his love interest showed no interest for a marriage, Hari is in a bad mood and he along with cousin Manu happens to meet a stranger. The guy who was a motivational speaker decides to help them and what happens after that meeting is what Happy Wedding showing us.

To be very honest, the entire first half is clumsy. Editor has made a mess of the movie with all those effects which might make you wonder is there anything wrong with the projector. From the content aspect also the whole B.Tech episode and elaborate explanation to whatever happens in that phase seems to be irrelevant. The real story of the movie unravels only in the second half and you can actually feel the difference when the second half begins. Sharaf U Dheen’s character was only using misogynistic jokes in the flash back portions and in the second half he changes drastically creating a fair amount of repartee in scenes. The story is quite predictable and that sort of makes the ending feel like an abrupt one.

Siju Wilson is the hero of the movie and he is just okay portraying the role of Hari. As I said, the guy who literally saves the movie from being an absolute boring creativity is Sharaf U Dheen. He is hilarious in his typical Girirajan Kozhi attitude. Effortlessness in handling comedy is clearly visible and audience got some really laughable moments because of him. Soubin Shahir in his usual way did the job without much annoyance. Don’t know the name of the heroine (the one hero finally marries), but she looks promising. By the time the movie ends you might forget the fact that Justin and Sudhy Koppa were there in the first half.

The credits in the posters are given as “An Omar fun”. Well its fun only for Omar and for the audience it is not that funny. Too much of things have been unnecessarily added in the screenplay and the female bitching is too sloppy.  A lot of characters are there in the movie and you don’t even remember them after finishing the film. Why was all those characters played by Saiju Kurupp, Niyaz and a few more essential for the film? I liked a few areas in the second half which looked sensible and had natural flavor of dialogue humor to its credit. Sinu Siddharth who was in lime light a few months back due to the Starring Pournami controversy has done the cinematography, but unfortunately there wasn’t any notable achievement in this film for him. Edits were poor and the background score was irritating. Music isn’t catchy.

Happy Wedding is not an annoying film, but the content overall is quite disappointing. As I said in the beginning, the second half can be minimized and conceived as an entertaining short film. But as a two hour long movie, it a bit too much to tolerate.

Rating : 2/5

Final Thoughts

The second half of Happy Wedding can be minimized and conceived as an entertaining short film. But as a two hour long movie, it a bit too much to tolerate.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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