Hello Namasthe

Krishna Poojappura’s scripts have always been on the immature and silly side of writing. The only improvement I could sense in the new movie Hello Namasthe directed by Jayan K Nair is the visual presention side of the film which looked much better than what Mr. Poojappura used to get from Saji Surendran. It could have been a really entertaining cinema if the thread was handled creatively, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen and thus the film is a predictable dull entertainer with discrete jokes.

Madhav and Jerry are two famous RJ’s of Hello FM and the show they are doing is called Hello Namasthe. They both are married to two beautiful ladies and as life progressed they decided to buy two adjacent villas. The movie basically deals with the issues that happens between these two neighboring families after a Jack fruit tree (yes our own Plavu!) in between the two houses starts to become an annoyance. How the issue grows and how it all ends is what the movie talking about.

Just like his many other films Krishna Poojappura creates that fake coolness about youngster lifestyle. As the movie progresses, the predictable ego of the female characters starts to happen and we could sense where the story is heading to. Thanks to Joju George and Soubin Shahir for their irrelevant characters which managed to make the audience laugh in between the caricature like characters. With nothing fresh to offer, the content fails to offer genuine entertainment.

Vinay Forrt and Sanju Sivaram are good as the leading protagonists and have tried their best to keep the characters in the sensible zone. Miya and Bhavana too delivered nice performances on screen. Joju George in his typical style offers a lot of humorous moments. Soubin’s character is not at all necessary for the film, but the way he adds those minimal counters gave energy to the movie. Brief roles were there for Muthumani, Mukesh, Aju Varghese and a few more actors.

As I said, the script which looked very much in the same zone of all those Saji Surendran movies was given a better outlook by the director Jayan K Nair. If you don’t have a content that has an inviting feel to it, then there is nothing much you can do to create intrigue. Even Maheshinte Prathikaaram was built around a small idea, but it got an execution that focused on every detail and maximum subplots. Here they got a plot and the whole Jackfruit idea got dipped in a cliché story. The conversations are sort of dramatic. The cinematography looked good. Masala Coffee’s song was good. The sound mixing sounded very poor.

On the whole Hello Namasthe has failed to use its “jackfruit” factor in an engaging way. With an unsurprising story that gets very less unexpected turns to its credit, Hello Namasthe wont stay in your mind for any good reason.

Final Thoughts

With an unsurprising story that gets very less unexpected turns to its credit, Hello Namasthe wont stay in your mind for any good reason.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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