Hi I’m Tony

When the script becomes weak, there will be a tendency from people to slam the entire film. Jean Paul Lal / Lal Jr’s second film Hi I’m Tony falls into this category. I do agree that the content didn’t worked for me as a nail biting thriller, but the uncompromised making that had some incredibly brutal sequences with solid technical support is something that anyone who observes movies beyond its story line will find pretty exciting.

The story focuses on the newly wedded couple Sameer and Tina. Their family friend gives them an extremely well furnished apartment to stay and on that night they met with a stranger named Tony. The awkward behavior of Tony at first annoys them, but as he starts to offer certain things that might benefit the couple who ran away from their families Sameer and Tina decide to offer their time to Tony. But as the discussion goes on Tony again goes to that creepy mode. How this couple manages to get away from this psychic person and the reasons behind Tony’s insane behavior is what this film narrating to us.

Lal Jr follows his dad’s footsteps here by going after a suspense thriller and by the time you finish the movie, the content will somewhere remind you of some of the films made by Lal in the recent past. I was able to understand the weird character of Tony, but the way Jean has written the response of Sameer and Tina to this behavior wasn’t sensible and the whole audience was making fun of it. When you look at what Tony is doing in the climax to take his revenge, it doesn’t really add any sense to his plan of torturing the couple in a way that made me blink and blur my eyes.

Lal was really good as Tony in terms of depicting the frustration and anger. The kind of English diction he has made the character unimpressive at some pivotal scenes. Asif Ali surprised me with a solid performance. Miya was good. Small roles of Biju Menon and Lena were also good.

As I said, the making is very impressive from Lal Jr. He adds a real feel to the entire movie by making those stunts look very real and if I am not wrong the film has used sync sound which also showed quality. Where Mr Junior has failed is in creating an excitement with his scripting. Psycho thrillers are a precarious genre which needs more care while writing and here Jean Paul Lal couldn’t add that captivating factor in to the script and thus for a common audience the film won’t work at all. The cinematography was extremely good from Alby. Background score was thrilling and the art work was also great. Special mention to those rough fights between Tony and Sameer.

So Hi I’m Tony from Jean Paul Lal is a weak script supported by strong technicians. The rating for the movie is 2.5/5. If you are someone interested in movie making or someone who analyses a movie beyond its script, you should take a sip of this cine coffee.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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