If it was an out and out spoof film, IDI from Sajid Yahiya would have worked wonderfully as an entertainer filled with laughable moments. But the problem with IDI in my opinion was that it tried to become another Singham with quirks in the narrative. When a movie takes its plot seriously, it is difficult for us to consider it as a complete nonsense entertainer.

The movie is obviously about the title protagonist Dawood Ibrahim. From childhood itself he has this ambition of becoming a police officer and with his efforts he qualifies for the job and he gets posting for the first time in a rural village in the Kerala Karnataka border named Kollanahalli. Dawood was expecting something very risky and daunting, but what awaited him there was the same, but in a totally opposite way.

From the trailer and teaser of the film there was this confusion in the minds of the audience whether it’s a heroism driven Cop story which we have seen in Tamil and Telugu or is it a spoof movie. At the end of the film all I can say is that it is mostly the first one. The movie starts off spoofing the exaggerated clichés we see in other language cop stories and when it tries to deal with reality, humor is there but the sort of larger than life heroism is also there more evidently. Because of the fact that the story is trying to be real with genuine villains, we cant really consider IDI as a satire cinema. The next posting of Dawood is shown in the film’s last scene and that sort of tells the zone of sensibility of the film. But what happens in the middle puts the film in a confusing state.

Sajid Yahiya’s making style made me feel that he wanted to make a film similar to Singham or Saami, but as the evolved audience may not accept that formula, he decided to add some spoofs. Whatever humor was there looks fine when you look at them as comedy scenes. But the blending of those with the movie is a key factor. Stylization goes a bit too much. The story basically is wafer thin and the dialogues are too cheesy at times. Those BGMs as tracks are really peppy. But in this two hour long movie it gives you a headache because of its overdose. I liked that romantic song. Cinematography was okay and the editing style also suited the pace of the movie.

Jayasurya has the body language to be this Mass Ka Baap police officer. But his dialogue delivery becomes a bit sloppy at times. The gang of Joju George, Sudhhy Kopa and Gokulan offers some witty moments. Sunil Sukhada also performed impressively. Saiju Kuruppu and the villain played by Yog Japee were just okay. The talented Sshivada got a totally irrelevant character.

Idi isn’t completely a satire and it is more like an over the top action movie. If you are someone who shares this opinion that Malayalam industry also needs the Rohith Shetty kind of cinema for entertainment, this might be an okay one for you. Not for me.

Rating : 2/5

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who shares this opinion that Malayalam industry also needs the Rohith Shetty kind of cinema for entertainment, IDImight be an okay one for you.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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