Ithra Mathram

Well Dr K Gopinathan’s movie “Ithra Maathram” has received rave reviews from some points and to be honest such a bold and non-cliché approach deserves appreciation. But when it comes to the film making side of it I think the movie is a bit disappointing. Even though it conveys the perspectives of different people nicely, the script can’t really connect with the audience completely.

The movie is basically about a village woman Sumithra. How the death of Sumithra takes many people back to the memories she gave and what was she to them is the basic theme of the movie. Based on Kalpetta Narayanan’s novel, the movie takes a bold attempt to travel through almost all the dimensions of a female life. How she reacts to the situations, how she is helpful to others, her worries about her child, her restlessness about the attitude of her husband.

As I said earlier, the theme and the situations are very much unique. How often we have seen the sex talks of women in the silver screen? The theme is unique because of its bold approach towards all the shades of the leading protagonist. What takes away the charm from this movie is the episode like feel. By that I don’t mean the division made by the director in telling the story. Some stories had the depth while some were shallow and hard to sync.

On screen, Shwetha again comes up with thumbs up performance. She has conveyed all the shades of the character in a very convincing way. The rest of the cast shares small screen time but their roles are important. Biju Menon, Nedumudi Venu, Siddiq, KPAC Lalitha, Anoop Chandran, Malavika and many others have done their part neatly.

Well in the making the direction is satisfying, but the screenplay was kind of an average one for me. The other technical standards were also satisfying. The music department was impressive.

Overall the movie is an average one and my rating is 2.5/5. Many may feel against my view. But I repeat the theme is unique and impressive but the film is average.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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