Justice League

In the screenplay credit of the much anticipated superhero movie of the year Justice League, I saw one name which excited me; Joss Whedon. Yes, the same guy who made the two avengers films. But to my disappointment, even with Whedon on board for the project DC is still struggling to make that entertaining film which looks interesting. The first exciting moment in this mega movie happens nearly after 70 minutes in to the film and if that happens in a two hour long film, you know how dry it is.

So the plot is quite simple. Post the death of Superman the world is chaotic. And suddenly some creatures happen to appear. With the help of Diana, Bruce manages to understand the source of these creatures and Diana tells him that his plan to form a team to fight the evil has to happen very quickly. Justice League is all about this fight of the team against this evil.

Bland would be the perfect word to describe the screenplay of Justice League. The screenplay just goes like introduce batman, introduce wonder woman, introduce flash, introduce aquaman, introduce cyborg and introduce the silly mommy’s boy villain. And the irreverent fun side of these characters kicks in only towards the last quarter of the film and honestly when you give the audience such a routine stuff for a major portion of the film and then offer these quirky humor, it only work as a relief and not as a quality booster. The villain of the film is really characterless. He doesn’t have anything that makes him worthy of being considered as an opponent to a team like this.

Ben Affleck seems like a really tired Batman and I don’t know whether one of the dialogues in the movie was added after seeing him in the costume. Gal Gadot still has the grace to be Wonder Woman. Henry Cavill interestingly gets to play a much cooler Superman this time with some cool lines. Ezra Miller carries the young and enthusiastic Flash neatly. Ray Fisher was also good. Jason Momoa doesn’t have much of screen space here to make an impact and let’s hope he will get to show the swag in the stand alone film which will release next year.

It seems like Zack Snyder can’t do any of these films without destructing any major city. Some of you may say that Avengers are also doing the same thing. But hey! They focus on the fun part. In those films there was clarity on how and where the fight is happening. Here it is just chaos.  And most importantly, those films had sunlight (what is this obsession with low light?). The story has nothing fresh to offer in terms of conflict and I was hoping it would entertain me, but that also wasn’t happening except for a few moments in the last half an hour. The edits especially in the fight sequences doesn’t really care about the continuity.

At the end of Justice League, the only bit that remained with me was that one scene where Flash and Superman saved civilians from war zone (I am 90% sure it was Whedon’s idea). Apart from that Justice League is an extremely dull film with a cool superman.

Rating: 2/5

Final Thoughts

Justice League is an extremely dull film with a cool superman.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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