kaanchi-reviewThe climax encounter scenes of the movie Kaanchi is undeniably the most hilarious and dump one I have seen in the recent past. There were definitely some lame stunts in many other films, but considering the caliber of the writer of the movie I was actually shocked to see such stuff on screen. With too much of background score and that old style flashy edits to tell a clichéd story, Kaanchi is a disappointing experience.

The story here actually tries to tell the episode in a normal man’s life where he had to face severe torture from many people for reasons that can’t be accused as his responsibility. Madhavan is a normal guy who has a grocery shop in the village. One day he happens to witness a murder done by a ruthless man Peringodan. With the killer and victim being arch rivals, Madhavan is in a tight spot where he can’t really decide what to do for a safe future. The movie is about this difficult phase in Madhavan’s life phase and how he overcomes it.

The first 15 minutes of the movie gave me some hopes as I was seeing an antagonist who was in a way the modern version of “Kamsa”. But the script proved me wrong and it slipped into a charmless way of narration with all those plot elements that we are used to. Jeyamohan tries to place his hero Madhavan in a tough scenario (like that of Sethumadhavan in Kireedam) and the lack of rooting of the character causes the problem here making us yawn instead of feeling for the character. The usual blackmailing techniques, counter actions like harassing the loved ones of the hero, blocking his marriage proposals etc follows and we are left searching for something fresh or interesting.

If you have felt that Amal Neerad doesn’t know how to use slow motion or he uses it excessively, just watch this movie and look at the way G N Krishnakumar has used it. Frequently you can see an ultra slow motion shot coming out of nowhere without any reason. The visualization of the climax was something where I folded my hands in respect. Script as I said is too formulaic. There is nothing refreshing about this underdog revenge story. Jeyamohan’s humor just can’t crack the audience and I don’t know what happened to that first half lame romance in the second half. Edits are poor and the background score is excessive. Cinematography is convincing and the music is also just about ok.

On the performance side, Indrajith wasn’t a disappointing aspect, but the goofiness of his character was an irritating one and it just became more painful when the character started to do all those single hand acrobatics in the climax. Murali Gopy successfully portrays the role of Peringodan who has these interesting ideologies and astrological knowledge. Shine Tom Chacko wasn’t that great. Archana Gupta was ok as the heroine who doesn’t have any relevance in the plot. P Balachandran offers some moments to laugh. Joy Mathew, Sathar, Sudheer Karamana and a few more are there in the star cast who has done their part nicely.

Overall, Kaanchi is a letdown. I couldn’t find a single thrilling moment in this revenge story. My rating is 2/5 for this G N Krishnakumar movie. The only scene where I clapped was for the dialog where Madhavan tells the police officer why he didn’t slapped the officer (Which you can see in the trailer).

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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