If the audience laughing at a movie would make it worthy of being called a comedy entertainer, the latest Karthi movie Kaashmora is definitely eligible for that title. Made on a wafer thin ghost story idea, Kaashmora is highly disappointing. Huge amount of money has been invested on an uninteresting script with unimpressive making.

Kaashmora is this fake exorcist in the city who fools people with the help of his entire family. He was moving forward smoothly with all the tricks and then suddenly one day he happened to visit this old palace like place where an old man dragged him and put him inside. The scenario became even worst when his family was also dragged in to it. What happens there? Why are they getting haunted by ghosts? What is the story behind it and what is the solution is what Kaashmora talking about.

If they had called it a horror spoof movie, I wouldn’t have any hesitation in calling this Gokul movie an enjoyable one. It works fine in that aspect because of the numerous quirks they have included in the script. There is one particular scene where Kaashmora sort of does a performance analysis of the actual ghost on how good he was in being spooky; I liked that scene. But the sad truth is that the film isn’t about such instances. It has a serious back story which was there in the news for the appearance of Karthi, the VFX budget etc. To be honest except for Karthi’s performance as a venomous antagonist, there is quite literally nothing in that hyped portion to make you clap. The story on that part is highly clichéd and it becomes highly boring when you know the climax. Gokul just cant induce any sort of intrigue to the content with visuals or visuals effects.

Karthi as the present day Kaashmora shows occasional flaws in performance when his typical yelling style becomes annoying. I liked the way he carried the Raj Nayak part. Nayanthara doesn’t have too much of an acting to do and she is mainly doing these rope aided fights in costumes that doesn’t look comfortable for the occasion at all. Sree Divya also becomes irrelevant somewhere. Vivek was really good in handling the comedy and there was a cool chemistry between him and Karthi.

It is the writing that is primarily weak. The movie has so less to offer as a compelling story and it tries to overcome that defect by spoofing the situations. With a highly clichéd idea of ghostly revenge, the only thing that could have saved the film was its visual magnanimity. But to our disappointment the visual effects is tacky. You can sense the lack of quality in the computer generated sets. The imagination was too ambitious for certain fights and the VFX department couldn’t make them look visually convincing. Santhosh Narayanan’s tunes are just okay here. God knows the purpose of that Mad Max inspired intro song which came out of nowhere. Edits were bizarre. Cinematography was just okay. The art direction was impressive.

Kaashmora has moments where you will laugh for its comedy and at the end also you will laugh; because the movie itself becomes a joke. Whatever is good about this film isn’t that relevant in the script apparently.

Rating : 2/5

Final Thoughts

Kaashmora has moments where you will laugh for its comedy and at the end also you will laugh; because the movie itself becomes a joke.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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