“Kahaani”, directed by Sujoy Ghosh is an awesome thriller. A film that proves you dont want big bang banners, overdose of style and huge star cast to make a thriller. A beautifully structured engaging thriller.

I cant disclose too much about the movie. Because even a mere outline of the story itself can be a spoiler. If you go in with the idea you had from watching the trailer, you will surely have some delicious surprises as the story moves on.
Vidya Venkatesan Bagchi, a helpless young pregnant woman coming in Kolkata city to inquire about her husband who has been missing for a while is the basic thread of the movie. With this thread, the director has gone through many areas of current relevance including Terrorism, Internal safety of our country, fake encounters etc. Even though the backdrop of the theme is pure fiction, the way of its making has made it very much believable and sensible.

Vidya Balan as Vidya Venkatesan Bagchi was a joy to watch. The coolness, stormy dialogues, emotional conflicts etc were portrayed beautifully by her. Parambrata Chatterjee as the helping cop Rana delivers an appreciable performance. Many other characters like Khan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), the insurance agent/killer (Saswata Chatterjee) etc were also memorable characters.

Direction was top notch. Screenplay has two different moods. Slow paced engaging first half and smooth paced thrilling second half. Cinematography was good. Editing and BGM needs a special mention. They have successfully incorporated the raw shots of Kolkata city in the film to give it a good pace. BGM was adequate.

Overall director Sujoy Ghosh’s “Kahaani” is a truly good thriller. Unlike the Abbas-Mustan type thrillers, Kahaani is thriller that has some sense.

If you love watching movies with content rather than mass Masala movies, watch Kahaani. Its paisa Vasool!!
My rating 4/5 and a thumbs up!!

Final Thoughts

Sujoy Ghosh's "Kahaani" is a truly good thriller. Unlike the Abbas-Mustan type thrillers, Kahaani is thriller that has some sense.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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