Kammath and Kammath

Couple of days before the grand release of the movie Kammath and Kammath, actor Dileep said that the story of the movie revolves around the arrival of the Kammath brothers in Palakkadu and the problems they face surrounding it. Well after watching the movie I seriously have some disagreements. Well you guys can watch and decide whether I have any point in disagreeing.

Even if you try to convince yourself by saying that this film is a Mass Masala Commercial flick, Kammath and Kammath doesn’t really live up to the expectation and is really a slice of commercial entertainment with less Mass and more unbaked masala. It’s almost assembled machinery that has no genuine parts.
The story actually revolves around the love affair of the younger Kammath aka Deva Raja Kammath. The build up towards this love story and the mysteries and pasts of the various characters involved in this love story is the soul of this Sibi-Udayan script.

Udayakrishna and Sibi K Thomas haven’t tried anything experimental or fresh in this film to remove the formula hit makers tag from their brand name. The sentimence of the brothers reminds us of Pokkiriraja. The experiment with language is also a familiar one from Mammootty. The twenty-twenty, Pokkiriraja kind of feel is definitely there for the climax portions. As usual the emotional childhood of title protagonists is there. The only thing that gives the movie any sort of commercial advantage is the jokes that were largely on the shoulders of the trending comedian Baburaj.

In the making Thomson lacks conviction in presenting things freshly which was quite essential as the writing was so outdated. Scripting isn’t that great at all. Their treatment never carried the audience to mass masala feel and the full house audience was largely dull. Almost the entire first half of the movie seems to have no connection with the story. The writing was so poor that even Mammootty couldn’t handle some scenes. Cinematography is ok. Editing wasn’t satisfying. The music from M Jayachandran fits into the mood. Impressive BGM of Gopi Sundar never really got the required backup from visuals and effects. Outdated fight sequences spoiled by harsh editing.

On screen, Mammootty and Dileep handle the comical kongini language quite easily. Rima was satisfying in the role. Karthika does not have much to do in the movie and wasn’t that satisfying. Baburaj again steals the show with his unique comic punch. I don’t know why Narain was treated too comically during those romance portions. Lots of other irrelevant characters are there in the star cast to make the canvas big. And why they added Dhanush? I have no idea. He didn’t even dance a proper step in that song.

Overall Kammath and Kammath is a below average entertainer. If you are someone who considers films like Pokkiriraja, Mayamohini and Christian brothers as superb or excellent, this one may please you as a onetime entertainer. I am giving 2/5 and thumps down for this so called entertainer.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who considers films like Pokkiriraja, Mayamohini and Christian brothers as superb or excellent, this one may please you as a onetime entertainer.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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