Kaththi Sandai

The film industry and the Tamil Nadu politics are very closely associated. When you analyze the latest Suraaj movie Kaththi Sandai featuring Vishal in the lead role, one must genuinely feel there is a very lame political agenda behind the movie. I am not trying to intellectualize a pathetic creation by talking about its political inclination, but the idea of the movie is simply based on such a thought and the clueless director makes a film out of it and I can assure you that it’s a two and a half hour long torture.

Arjun is this guy who just came to town. He asks a local goon Deva to help him in proposing a girl. This girl Divya is the sister of the Deputy Commissioner of police and after many attempts Arjun manages to convince Divya and also establishes a good relationship with her family. Kaththi Sandai is actually focusing on the real identity of Arjun and how that changes this equation.

The last half an hour or so of this movie is almost like a brief version of a typical Shankar movie. You have the hero in a do or die situation there and he is trying to go for the ambitious way to solve all the problems in his society. If the entire movie was built around that, I would have appreciated the movie maker for his good intention. But Kaththi Sandai is almost like you have a very basic customized justice theme and you had no clue on what to do with the movie. It starts off as an utter nonsense love story which gives a tough competition to Jeeva’s Kavalai Vendaam. While you struggle to enjoy the plot because of the sickening jokes, Suraaj tries to put in a “twist” in the tale. I was hoping the movie to take a new attire post interval, but a clueless Suraaj just repeats the first half. The only change he made there was replacing Suri with Vadivelu.

In terms of performance there is nothing there for Vishal to take an effort. Tamannaah as always gets an absolutely irrelevant character that has been placed simply to show her white skin and the recurring body tone reference for the sake of comedy sounds disgusting. About the comedians Suri and veteran Vadivelu, they are like Suraj Venjaramoodu in a Saji Surendran movie. As nothing else works in the entire movie, their lame comedies that may not even make it to comedy clips shown in television, occasionally would make you giggle a bit (Stay away from those who laughs hard at those).   The official market widener Jagapati Babu is there in a sloppily written character.

About the movie’s making, when you try to trackback all the chaos that happened in the first 2 hours of this film, there is absolutely zero relevance for all that. The comedy “episodes” you see featuring Suri and Vadivelu tortures your brain. You might even regret having a brain. Songs that are just intended to “Showcase” Tamannaah, pops out without any sense. And Hip Hop Tamizha’s music sounds like a boring loud DJ Party. The screenplay is a dumb compilation of certain drunkard thoughts. Stunts are absolutely logic less (What more to expect from a guy who made Alex Pandiyan). Frames or edits never manages to grab a positive attention.

Kaththi Sandai is Vishal’s attempt to create a movie that may give him a political podium. I had a really bad time sitting through it and you can confidently recommend this to your enemies.

Rating: 1/5

Final Thoughts

I had a really bad time sitting through Kaththi Sandai and you can confidently recommend this to your enemies.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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