Kavalai Vendam

Kavalai Vendam is a good example of sloppy wayward writing. A movie that starts off as a simple typical Tamil Rom Com, plunders in to stupid sub plots with no connect with the basic story and by the time it reaches that climax where the heroine learns that the hero’s influence was there in her life, you will be busy trying to connect everything that happened before that.

Aravind is this young chef who was married to his childhood friend Divya (I am still wondering why they decided to get married in the first place). As they couldn’t get along with each other, they weren’t together for the last two years or so. So the movie is basically about the return of Divya to Aravind’s life to get the divorce papers. Aravind’s conditions before giving the divorce papers and what all that leads to is what Kavalai Vendam dealing with.

Logic of emotions is clearly out of the question here. The basic issue with the story is that you don’t really see a need for these characters to do all this nonsensical stuff they are doing. Deekay who dedicated this movie to all those girls who broke his heart seems to be a little bit misogynistic and rudely judgmental about his perspectives of women.  Almost every character in this film seems like caricatures. When you are trying to make a movie based on true romance, there should be at least one or two characters that are from the real world. With pointless scenes, songs and chaos dominating the major portion of the movie, Kavalai Vendam tests your patience frequently.

Jiive delivers a performance in his typical style. Kajal Agarwal overacts almost all the time. Poor Bobby Simha is stuck in that universe of over the top characters and the expressions almost give you a feel that he regretted signing this film. Sunaina looks pretty and her performance is average. RJ Balaji and Bala Saravanan fail to impress the viewers with their comedy.

Deekay’s script is the basic mistake of the movie. It is almost like he got an idea and made it a 2 hour long film by stuffing it with irrelevant subplots. The delivery boy comedy, the hospital scene sentiments, the advising father and that whole amnesia episode etc. makes you wonder what the hell is happening on screen. Abhinandhan Ramanujam has zero challenge here as a cinematographer. The music was nice btw.

Kavalai Vendam looks too juvenile and silly. The comedy scenes that has no real connect with the actual plot may work fine when they play it in TV. But as a two hour long movie, it is more like tolerating rather than enjoying.

Rating: 1.5/5

Final Thoughts

Kavalai Vendam looks too juvenile and silly. As a two hour long movie, it is more like tolerating rather than enjoying.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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