Khiladi 786

It seems that Akshay Kumar himself has forgotten what he used to do as Khiladi, one of Bollywood’s hot favorite franchises. A name that was almost the last word of action in Bollywood has been turned into a brand name of brainless idiotism. Targeted for huge commercial success, Khiladi 786 is one big tiring watch. A struggling Himesh Reshammiya’s name was there all over the place and I hope he gets what he really wished for.

The story begins with marriage bureau agent Champak Lal and his son Mansukh. Mansukh gets thrown out of his home for being a danger to his father’s business. On an unfortunate moment Mansukh and his friend happens to cause damage to the car of a notorious gunda leader TTT’s sister. On interrogation TTT comes to know Mansukh’s business and asks him to find a groom for his sister. Mansukh decides to make Bahattar Singh the groom. Bahattar Singh and family helps police in catching smugglers and Mansukh believes that Bahattar is a real cop. To make the wedding plans work, Mansukh presents TTT as superintend of police in a Maharashtra village to Bahattar Singh’s family. How the wedding happens after the obvious confusions and misunderstandings is basically what the new Khiladi episode is all about.

Well, I wasn’t expecting it to be a mind blowing story. It was sure for almost 90% people that this one is a no brainer entertainer. But the extent to which the makers have taken this movie is something that should be looked into. The Khiladi brand is famous for its fire power, not for being foolish or idiotic. The kind of childish story with artificiality even in jokes makes this movie a huge disturbance.

On screen, Akshay repeats his Rowdy avatar. Himesh is just about satisfying as Mansukh. His expressions were always too much. Asin finally gets an active role. Mithun Chakraborthy repeats himself in the angry don avatar of TTT. Rest of the cast is also satisfying.

In the making side, the script itself is a skit and the director has tried his level best to make it worst by using utterly bore visual effects and childish style of straight narration. Tag line dialogs are there, but they aren’t enough to make us clap. Edits are fine, but the cinematography wasn’t that cool. Himesh is back with his typical nasal music which never really experiments. VFX and the fights are also poor in terms of technical standards.

On the whole Khiladi 786 doesn’t even deserve the no brainer tag in my view. Only kids and some drunkard were laughing for this movie. I am giving 1.5/5 for this Kharab Khiladi.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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