KL 10 Patthu

Muhsin Parari’s movie KL10 Patthu is completely a Malappuram movie and most probably it will work for you only if you are familiar to that version of Malayalam. Completely made as an entertainer, Muhsin tries to include some genuine styles to his story telling. At times it has failed, but mostly it works in favour of the movie which only aims catering good fun for the festival audience. And the most striking thing is that Unni Mukundan wasn’t annoying at all.

Ahmed is a young lad from Malappuram who is basically aimless and loves football. He has this whole bunch of cousins and relatives who are connected by many means like sports, politics etc. What the movie trying to tell us is the background story of a love story between Ahmed and his lover Shadiya. How the typical Malappuram characters reacts to the romance that blossoms between a jobless guy and a well-educated architect girl has been visualized by Parari in a humorous manner.

KL 10 Patthu opens to a scene were the cousin brothers are quarrelling over the missing of our central protagonist Ahmed (Check the trailer). As I have a lot of friends from Malappuram, it sounded quite lifelike. The naturally communicated arguments with genuine eccentricity has these funny justifications which will leave you in splits. Throughout the movie Muhsin has succeeded in giving the movie this Malappuram touch. The arguments, social setup and the religious backdrop of the district has gave it a slang, culture and politics which is unlike any other district. Even after being a simple comedy with some romance, Muhsin manages to touch all these parts in his movie. A Jin narrating the story in their slang was a good variety. First I felt football was an unnecessary addition, but later it made sense why they included it. Overreacting elders, underpowered women, political indifferences, religious conflicts all come in the way of this in a hilarious fashion.

In comparison with his other performances, this one is Unni Mukundan’s “career best” performance. He was nice in doing that role. New comer Chandini Sreedharan was also good in her role as Shadiya. It is a movie where the supporting cast has a significant role. Aju Varghese and Neeraj Madhav did their combination scenes without loosing the humour. Both of them succeeded in mastering the slang as well (almost). Aneesh G Menon, Saiju Kurupu, Lukman Lukku and Ashraf did their roles as the cousin brothers very nicely, offering a lot of moment for all of us to laugh out loud. Anil Murali, Rajesh Hebbar, Sivaji Guruvayoor and Mamukoya also delivers good on screen performance that helps the movie in being quirky. A really good comeback by Sreenath Bhasi who in his peculiar getup narrated the story humorously.

Muhsin Parari has tried some experiments with the narratives. While a few of them went a little wayward in terms of presentation some really clicked. The various stamps of the district has been visualized through the subplots that has romance, politics and football as agendas. Dialogues are witty. Music was a variety and the background score was also nice. Good cinematography but the edit pattern somewhere creates some confusions about the timeline in this back and forth narrative.

On the whole KL10 Patthu is a nicely-built entertainer that has freshness and a few flaws in treatment. With many moments worth laughing, this Malappuram movie will be an ideal choice for some celebration. The rating for KL 10 Patthu is 3/5 and thumbs up.

NB: If you are a complete alien to the slang and its terminologies, chances of the movie not really working for you is high.

Final Thoughts

KL10 Patthu is a nicely-built entertainer that has freshness and a few flaws in treatment. With many moments worth laughing, this Malappuram movie will be an ideal choice for some celebration.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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