Kong Skull Island

Kong Skull Island is not the kind of film that has any layered cinematic content to its credit. But the visual effects and CGI works in the film are so emphatic that seeing it in the giant screen with 3D effects can scare the crap out of you. It is bloody brutal and with those humongous fight sequences in the backdrop of the amazing sceneries, Kong Skull Island offers you guaranteed entertainment.

Now the plot this time has a company wanting to go to a newly discovered island called Skull Island. They have military aid for this mission. Their mission is to study the island by disrupting its environment and that leads in to the man vs wild, humans vs Kong scenario. The struggle of the entire team of soldiers and scientists to get out of this island of monsters and what all things they get to experience in this journey is what Kong Skull Island all about.

Man vs Wild theme has mostly been the base of King Kong films and here also we don’t get to see anything beyond that. Even though it has the Vietnam War and related stuff in the backdrop, there isn’t a strong emphasis on that to give some sort of freshness to the plot. The film may have these weak points, but with visual grandeur it scores hugely. You simply cant predict the ways in which the helicopters get destructed in the first set piece. The kind of new creatures the makers have added in this film are too damn beasty. And the way you get to see the various attacks of these creatures, the chances of you finding the dark cinema hall as Skull Island and just want to get the hell out of there is pretty high.

Honestly the actors in this film don’t have any sort of challenge. It is more of a physical task for them with all the running and jumping. Both Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson are pretty much underused. Looking at the kind of characters Samuel L Jackson has played, the arrogant army officer suits him the best. At first I found his character in the film as a property used to exaggerate the “hail America” propaganda, but the film makes him that suitable antagonist. A special mention to John C Reilly who played the role of Marlow, a stranded soldier in the island whose story will remind you of Cast Away- with a happy ending.

Director Jordan Vogt Roberts knows that the audience is expecting a visual experience and the making is pretty much visual oriented. You get to see these amazing landscapes that establish the fact that the island is beautiful. The good thing about the film is that it is never really trying to decelerate and we are on the tip of our toe for almost the entire film. Like I already said, the visual effects and CGI works in the film has a great real feel to it. You won’t really feel much of artificiality in the rendering and that makes these beasts look unbelievable scary on screen. There is a scene were Kong eats an octopus in a way some of us eat noodles. The cinematography helps the movie enormously and the cuts were pretty damn impressive.

Watching Kong Skull Island in theaters with 3D effects is definitely going to offer you a good time inside the cinemas. Taking your kid for this film won’t be a great idea. And don’t forget to watch the post credit scene.

Rating: 3.5/5

Final Thoughts

Watching Kong Skull Island in theaters with 3D effects is definitely going to offer you a good time inside the cinemas.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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