Kuttanadan Marpappa

Kuttanadan Marpappa belongs to that category of movies which you will sort of laugh inside the theater because of the back to back counter dialogues, but won’t last in year head for long or you won’t be even interested in narrating the story to someone. I have to say that I laughed a lot for the dialogues in the movie but the amount of female bashing and the too convoluted back and forth drama of the movie sort of makes Kuttanadan Marpappa a watchable one with not much to boast about.

John Paul is a wedding photographer. The movie is about one particular relationship John had in his life with a girl named Jessy. John had a crush on Jessy and eventually they both fell in love until an arranged marriage became a hurdle in front of them. Kuttanadan Marpappa is showing us how this relationship got clumsy because of the lack of commitment from Jessy and how it concludes at the end.

Repartee is there in the conversations of this film. With even Shanthi Krishna joining the banter, I would say the movie on the whole is never a boring one. The first half of the film is largely dependent on this humor and thus it’s more on the fun side. It is the second half of the movie were you get to see a great deal of bitching, judging, back and forth planning, twists etc that makes this film a “could have been better” film. There are a lot of subplots in the film and if you try to map all that in to a flow chart, it might become a spider web design.

Kunchako Boban is in his typical chocolate boy image and the movie gives him that attire of the hero of a festival family entertainer. Adithi Ravi looks good and gets to wear lovely cloths in a mostly monotonous performance. As always, Dharmajan scores with his easiness in depicting humor. Ramesh Pisharadi was good in his gray shaded comical character. Shanthi Krishna was also quite good as the cool headed mother. Aju Varghese, Dinesh Prabhakar, Innocent, Tiny Tom, Soubin Shahir and several others are there in the long line up of stars.

Sreejith Vijayan’s writing and making style reminded me of Luv Ranjan of Bollywood. It feels like he has the potential to write hilarious stuff but that energy is largely getting channeled to create things that cater to the main stream masala loving audience. The festival entertainer tag limits the movie from being a fresh and interesting one. The movie becomes way too loud at times in expressing the idea and like I said, the subplots and twists decelerate the second half considerably. The music was good, but the placement of songs was bumpy. The cinematography was also nice as the intention here was to make things look visually lush.

Kuttanadan Marpappa is a movie that is watchable for its comedy bits. The frequency of the dialogue humor sort of ceases you from thinking about the female bitching and other stuff that can’t really be appreciated.

Rating: 2.5/5

Final Thoughts

The frequency of the dialogue humor sort of ceases you from thinking about the female bitching and other stuff that can’t really be appreciated.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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