Kutteem Kolum

Actor Bala tried to fulfill his wishes to do an over the top hero character in the movie hit list. This time famous comedian Guinness Pakru tries his luck in the box office in similar fashion with his film Kutteem Kolum. Well known for his comical characters in the silver screen, Pakru bizarrely tries to do an action hero role that at times looks like a spoof of many Mohanlal movies.

The plot here revolves around a dwarf man Ezhimala Vinayakan. Vinayakan who has is like village dada is in love with his uncle’s daughter. But Vinayakan’s relationship with his uncle isn’t that great because of some family issues. The plot is basically about Vinayakan’s struggle to get his girl and the dramas that happens in the mean time.

Basically it’s a movie that will remind you of many of those feudal style Ranjith films. The difference is that in place of Mohanlal you can see Guinness Pakru delivering dialogs that doesn’t suit his size. I am not abusing the actor by referring to his size. The love and admiration we have for Pakru is because of the various comic roles he did in films and they looked quite practical. When it comes to Kutteem Kolum it just not has that lovable Guinness Pakru in it. Most of the time he is simply mumbling words to make his character stylish. The story is utter cliché and there is nothing impressive about it.

O screen, Pakru disappoints as he limits his own abilities by portraying an unreal character. Tamil actor Adithya as Shakthi was also a disappointment. Sanusha finally looked promising in a movie in her second innings. Vijayaraghavan and Sona Nair were good. Menakha’s dubbing wasn’t good. Munna did a satisfactory performance. Saiju Kurup, Babu Namboothiri, Nelson and many others are there in small roles.

The script and the direction were mediocre. The cinematography looked good only in that song sequence. Music of Shaan Rahman is good but the bgm was too much. Fight sequences were quite unconvincing especially the one were Pakru fights with another dwarf. I don’t have any idea how Shakthi finds the guy who unfolds the climax twist.

Overall, the movie is a poor craft from the small big director. He might get entry to the Guinness book of world records, but not in to the minds of the audience as a good director. I am giving 1.5/5 for this Guinness Pakru film. Too lame.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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