The credit given to Jeethu Joseph in the movie Lakshyam is of a script writer. But the debut venture of Anzar Khan has close similarities with Jeethu Joseph’s way of narrating thrillers. The film is about two prisoners who accidentally escaped from prison. Even though it has an interesting twist in the mid way, Anzar Khan’s intention was to treat it as an emotional tussle towards the end and that along with certain dramatics reduces the charm of this film.

A police jeep going to Ernakulam which had two accused prisoners in it gets crashed on its way. The two prisoners who are now inside a forest, decides to make use of this opportunity to escape. Lakshyam is talking about the efforts of these two to escape from the forest and also about the back stories of both of them.

A major portion of the plot was revealed in the trailer of the movie itself. The comparison I made about the similarity in the style of Anzar Khan’s making was because we get to see a lot of visual effects aided long zoom out shots and many other things we usually see in a Jeethu Joseph movie. The back and forth narrative will remind us of Oozham at some points. The movie tries to be engaging through some of the survival tactics they show in the first half. With Biju Menon’s typical humor making it look more organic, we are somewhat invested in the film and the interval revelations were also interesting. But it is in the post interval session where the film lacks surprises and we get bored. It becomes more of a mind game that doesn’t have the kind of intrigue one would expect.

Indrajith Sukumaran’s dialogue delivery is a bit odd to be honest. We feel that mainly because we are seeing him along with Biju Menon who delivers dialogues with realistic feel. Even in terms of emotions there is this visible difference in the style of both actors. Apart from these two there isn’t much there for other actors. Sshivada looks fine in her character. Kishore Sathya and Shammi Thilakan are there as unused characters.

Anzar Khan’s film making style has very close resemblance with Jeethu Joseph’s approach. The drama and other filmy aspects have that tint of theatricality. The writing of Jeethu Joseph can’t really convince the emotional combat between the two when the film enters that last quarter. That last jump lacked conviction. Sinu Sidharth has tried a lot of experiments with the camera including some mixing with visual effects to attain the result. Even though it wasn’t that accurate and at times even unnecessary, the effort looks appreciable. The music and the background score were okay. If certain scenes aren’t that necessary, please don’t waste money over tacky visual effects (I am talking about that Bear scene).

I would say Lakshyam is just an average entertainer that couldn’t depict the emotional turmoil of its main characters convincingly. With humor in the first half and an interesting twist towards the middle, the chances of you feeling that this one could have been better is high.

Rating: 2.5/5

Final Thoughts

I would say Lakshyam is just an average entertainer that couldn’t depict the emotional turmoil of its main characters convincingly.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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  1. The best thing that Lensman did was not to publish the review of Bahubali 2. The first part was a 2.5/5 for him, when he felt movies like Tvm Lodge were 4/5.

    Review ittu veruppikkathathinu thanks 🙂

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