Life of Josutty

Well they have given the warning that Life of Josutty from Jeethu Joseph won’t have any sort of twist and suspense similar to the last two films of the director. The movie would have worked big time if it had a relatable amount of life in it. Made on a highly melodramatic preachy platform, Life of Josutty is a confused and half baked narration from Jeethu Joseph.

Josutty who skipped school after the 6th standard was in love with a girl Jessy from his neighborhood. The relationship didn’t culminate in a marriage because of the financial liabilities of Josutty. The movie focuses mainly on the life of Josutty after his marriage with a nurse Rose, settled in New Zealand. The incidents that change the illiterate and orthodox Josutty to a better matured man are what the film trying to narrate.

The first half of the movie struggles a lot to get in the right track. You have this first love story of Josutty happening in a swift way and the kind of confused mix of humor, cheesy drama and preaching will mostly bore you. It is one of those situations where the only relief is the sort of gimmicks performed by actors like Suraj Venjaramood, Saju Navodaya and Nobi. I am not saying I didn’t laugh at these instances, but the “life” aspect of the content wasn’t working. The second half luckily has some areas where the hero gets to see life and the kind of humor we have seen in Jeethu’s own My Boss makes those portions enjoyable. But after a brisk period’s clever mix of life and humor, script from Rajesh Varma goes in to that clumsy drama which with all its clichés and theatrical feel drags the movie to an uninteresting zone.

On screen, Dileep was good in his character. In a way Josutty utilizes the actor in him impressively. The down to earth phase and the matured phase of Josutty were portrayed nicely by the actor. Rachana Narayanankutty has only a brief role in the film. Jyothi Krishna wasn’t that comfortable in delivering certain emotionally heavy dialogs. I don’t know the name of the actress who portrayed the role of Priya, but she was good in her role. Saju Navodaya, Nobi and Suraj have done their stereo type roles nicely.For the first time I saw Hareesh Perady struggling with a character.

Jeethu Joseph’s love for uncut aerial shots becomes too excessive in the case of Life of Josutty. Most of the shots are using the drone along with some tacky visual effects. In story telling also Jeethu Joseph fails to add the lively life. It is too preachy and can’t influence you on an emotional level. The only area he succeeds is in executing the humor that comes occasionally. The screenplay seems to be a bit too hurried in terms of narrating incidents with its depth. The story written by the producer Jayalal Menon, doesn’t have much to captivate you. By the end of the film Josutty manages to forgive the one who cheated him, but we don’t get to see how he transformed drastically to be able to do that. As I said camera is mostly fixed in a drone and the sort of shaky feel it has makes that excessive usage look boring on screen. Edits and art department were okay. Some nice songs were there from composer Anil Johnson. The background score only elevated the melodramatic feel of the movie.

Only one chapter of Life of Josutty managed to please me and that was what he learned from Priya. The others are just too much of predictable, dramatic emotions that won’t impress you. I was expecting a content that will movie me emotionally, but Josutty’s life couldn’t accomplish that. The rating for the film is 2/5. The claps you hear at the end of the film are for that last joke he cracks, not for the film. Love 24×7 had more sensible life in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

The movie would have worked big time if it had a relatable amount of life in it. Made on a highly melodramatic preachy platform, Life of Josutty is a confused and half baked narration from Jeethu Joseph.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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