Lisammayude Veedu

While “Achanurangatha Veedu” tried to narrate a story of a minor who got abused by around 40 scoundrels in a non ambitious way, “Lisammayude Veedu” from writer director Babu Janardhan is an ambitious and fiction filled attempt to travel through various possibilities , solutions and results that may happen in the life of such an individual. Babu Janardhan has successfully synced many of the social and political scenarios that happened in the recent past in this sequel.

This time the plot revolves around the story of the victim, Samuel’s daughter Lisamma. How she takes care of her loving father, how she enters a proper family life, how she tackles the unexpected miseries, how she uses her unfortunate past for a secure future for her family and how she selflessly takes care of her son.

The movie scores mainly for its relevance. Lisamma who suffered a lot in her younger age becomes a bold lady and stands firm for her family. The inclusion of political spirit and fights in northern Kerala on the backdrop of recent cracks was a smart inclusion as it had some social relevance. Through the portion that shows us Lisamma’s sarcastic revenge Babu Janardhan bravely throws light on some of the cheap dramas that happened recently and also on the Judiciary which is losing its credibility nowadays. The last slice including Lisamma and her son was quite dragging, but the kind of circle of life thing introduced by the director gives it a satisfying justification.

On screen, Meera Jasmin is excellent in her Lisamma avatar. Only problem I felt was in her narration which was kind of lagging. Rahul Madhav is a bright prospect for the industry. His dual appearance as both retro Sivan and as modern Arjun was quite impressive. Salim Kumar handles the mentally upset Samuel neatly. Jagadish filled the space of Murali perfectly. Baiju gets a decent screen presence. Rest of the cast was also satisfying in their roles.

In the making, direction has some flaws here and there, but still the realistic rendering is something that impressed me. Screenplay is very gentle in terms of speed. It is smart mixture of commercially viable humor and creatively written situations. The attempt to boost the jewelry group was utter bore. The last half an hour of the movie could have been improved. Cinematography is impressive. There were a couple of single stretch shots which were captured quite brilliantly and the sound department also deserves some credit for that. Music of Vinu Thomas was also very nice.

On the whole, Lisammyude Veedu has its relevance and you won’t regret spending some valuable time for this socially committed creation from Babu Janardhan. I am giving this film a 3/5.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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