Lukka Chuppi

Natural repartee is something that we don’t see much often in Malayalam cinema and the latest movie Lukka Chuppi from Bash Mohammed is one such movie that has enough and more realistic humor and nostalgia to keep you engrossed for its short runtime of 110 minutes. Powered by solid performances and elated by impressive making Lukka Chuppi is one honest movie you shouldn’t miss.

Sidharth is planning to have a reunion with his close college mates to have some stress relief from his usual work life. He has arranged a party for his friends in a lake side house. His friends Raghu, Annie, Rafeeq have come there with family for this reunion party. How the nostalgia exploration goes and how it ultimately influences the disturbed personal life of these individuals is what Lukka Chuppi talking about.

Well it is the reality in every frame you feel through conversations and emotions that makes Lukka Chuppi exciting. The diverse range of characters has been assembled with equal spacing and everyone gets a chance to establish themselves. Script writer Gafoor Arackkal succeeds in giving chance to his characters to explain their situation. The making that keeps the movie and its characters on the ground is the biggest positive here. Without any background music or exaggerated expressions, Lukka Chuppi makes you laugh out loud with subtle humor that is sensible. Even when there are some dramatic introductions to uninvited characters, Bash Mohammed gives all of them a believable back story with a pinch of humor.

Jayasurya was really good in his fully drunk character of Raghu. Chinnu Kuruvila was impressive as Annie.  Murali Gopi was my favorite among the lot who performed really well. Remya Nambeesan portrayed the insecurities of the typical housewife nicely. Joju George and Muthumani Somasundaram gave the audience a really great time with their arguments and I must say that it was a great casting. Dinesh Prabhakar was also really good in his educated auto driver avatar. Asmita Sood was a great choice to play the role of the college beauty. Indrans and Saiju Kurup also deliver quality performances in their small roles.

Bash Mohammed has done complete justice to the content by keeping it real and simple. As I already said, the audience laughing at the stares and murmurings of the characters show how well the movie has connected with them. The script in the beginning portions sound a bit anti feministic, but as the tale gradually moves forward, it gives respect to the ladies as well. The only problem with the movie is towards the climax where the patch work of relationships happens. The developments were a little too sudden that it wasn’t that attractive when compared to how the story was told till that point. Dialogues were superb. That one song sung by Vivekanandan and composed by Bijibal was wonderful and the beautiful lyrics by Rafeeq Ahmed add more intensity to the song.  Vivekanandan was the perfect choice for that song as his voice really suited Murali Gopi. Edits and cinematography also showed a good standard. The sync sound and the overall sound design from Resul Pookutty and his team was also good.

On the whole Lukka Chuppi celebrates Nostalgia in a very unique way without melodrama. I would rate the movie 3.5/5. If you are okay with seeing too much of smoking and drinking (the situation’s demand) do watch this movie from Bash Mohammed.

Final Thoughts

On the whole Lukka Chuppi celebrates Nostalgia in a very unique way without melodrama.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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