Well the most suitable one word description for Surya’s new film in the dual Avatar “Maatran” would be – Assembled Formula. The movie is not pathetic or boring. But what they have showed us on screen is a kind of a formula that Tamil cinema is now following. In the case of Maatran, it’s almost like a creative mix of Surya’s recent films like “Ayan” and “7aam Arivu”.

About the plot, its not actually the story about the Siamese twins Akhilan and Vimalan. It’s about the impact of an energy drink made by their father who is an expert in genetics. Energion is an amazing health drink for kids that show the result very fast. It is the number one brand and his enemies are in quest for the secret ingredient. The ingredient of the health drink has fertilizer contents which will seriously harm the society but the tests in our country are unable to detect these. The movie is about the struggle between father and his two sons whom in the course turns against him and they are on the path to help the effected and punish the guilty.

Well the first half of the movie is thoroughly enjoyable with excellent on screen performance of Surya in his dual avatar. With some good fun involving the romance between Vimalan and the leading lady entertainment value is guaranteed. But when it comes to the second half of the movie, the plot goes to the particular scripting formula I mentioned. It’s not that they are totally unwanted or useless. We have seen thes kind of international illegal trading, secret agents, genetic disorders, genetic wars etc are now quite familiar items in tamil films now. We have seen certain treatments in films like Ayan, Dhaam Dhoom and even in Ezhaam Arivu.

On screen, Surya is excellent and the charm of the face is quite exciting. He has portrayed the two characters very smartly that we can distinguish both of them quite easily. When one character is out from the movie at a point, the gap is really felt and the credit goes to Surya for that. Kajal Agarwal is comfortable in her space. Sachin Khedekar also excels in his role as the antagonist.

Well in the technical side there are many pluses and negatives. Direction of KV Anand is typical with frames having that cool feel and all. The script is engaging in the first half, slows down with cliché numbers in the second half and the stretched out towards the end. Dialogs are smart. Well the VFX had it flaws at very few occasions in scenes having the two Suryas. But the majority portion was cool. Cinematography and the slicing disappointed me in the most anticipated part of this masala entertainer, Fights. It never really created a great impression apart from a few ultra slow-motion shots which looked eye candy. Meanwhile the camera work was cool in song picturization and all.   Songs are peppy and Surya’s dancing is also cool.

On the whole, “Maattrran” is an average flick with cliché materials. Watch it for Surya. If you can keep the expectations low you might feel it as a good one. I am giving this Surya film a 2.5/5. Could have been much better if it was a fresh concept.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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