Madagascar 3- Europe’s Most Wanted

The third part of the exciting Madagascar series is definitely a fun ride as it promises. But when compared to the ROFL prequels this one can be said as a LOL version. I am not saying that its not a good movie, the problem with M3 is that its prequels are too good while it is very good.

Well the story is about Alex and his friends efforts to get back to their home, Central Park Zoo. For this they decides to go to Monte Carlo to get the Penguins who can take them to New York. But as the problems comes they are hunted by Chantel DuBois who is looking for a Lion head to complete her hunting collection. To escape from Chantel DuBois the animals gets into a circus troop for a shelter. But luckily for them the circus troop was also aiming to go to America and they were thinking about impressing a sponsor in the next show to get the ticket to America. Alex and the gang helps the circus team to get back their old charm and grab the attention of the sponsor. What happens to their effort and how Chantel DuBois and many other things gets in their way is all about the movie.

The plot is interesting and fresh and the making is also really good. Undoubtedly excellent animation work from Dream Works. The chase sequences and the circus shows were really awesome. Just like its prequels small and gesture dependent jokes are there. But the one thing that was missing is the ROFL factor. The screenplay is smooth and the direction is also very nice.
For an eye candy visual treat with really good fun you can surely select Madagascar 3- Europe’s Most Wanted. My rating is 3.5/5 and a thumps up.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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