Guys, I saw Prithvi’s Maanikyakkallu today.. It was the first time that I saw a Prithvi movie on the first day itself.. When I went to the theater there was a huge rush for URUMI.. No one for Manikyakkallu… But when I entered the Hall.. It was Full!!

Manikkyakkallu is a sweet simple movie about VINAYACHANDRAN MAASH and his attempts to make the VANNANMALA H.S.School a good place to learn!! The movie has the feeling of watching a Sathyan Anthikkad film… Beautiful Village, Village Characters and Conversations..

Prithvi as Vinayachandran is one of his most memorable character!! The charm he brings to the silver screen is just WAAW!! Prithvi’s look in the movie is apt for a School Teacher!! I liked it very much!! Samvritha’s character is also Bubbly!! All the other characters Nedumudi, Jagathy, KPSC Lalitha etc are also very active. Salim Kumar delivers a good performance!! In this movie Salim Kumar is an actor.. Not a mere comedian.

Songs are good. P.Sukumar has captured some good locations!! All the child artists have given their best to the movie. Those people who still dont accept Prithviraj as a Good Super star/actor may find some instances where they can howl!! But it is not a “TOO MUCH” type heroism. In KADHA PARAYUMBOL when Mammootty praised Sreenivasan’s character, did u felt any bore in it?? Art Direction is also very well done!! No stunts… No Suraj Venjaramood!

Guys its a sincere movie.. Sweet Simple Sincere Conventional Malayalam Movie!!
M. Mohanan deserves a thumps up for making Manikyakkallu!! He has handled the scenes quite nicely… Its definitely worth a watch!!
My rating is 3.5/5 🙂

Final Thoughts

M. Mohanan deserves a thumps up for making Manikyakkallu!! He has handled the scenes quite nicely... Its definitely worth a watch!!


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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